Kendamil Stage One Organic First Infant Milk Formula Review

You may be wondering whether Kendamil Stage One Organic First Infant Milk Formula is suitable for your baby. This British-made formula contains full cream nutrients and is suitable for babies from birth to six months. It also contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Moreover, it is suitable for vegetarians. What’s more, it is 100% organic and contains no palm oil! Let’s take a look at the benefits of Kendamil Stage 1 Organic First Infant Milk Formula and what you should know about this brand. Click now

Stage 1

Stage 1 Organic First Infant Milk formula is made from Jersey cow milk and is a safe, natural alternative to breast milk. Kendamil uses the full cream milk of Jersey cows, which is associated with less digestive discomfort. It also contains MFGM (Mono-Fructose Mono-Glycerides), a fatty substance found naturally in breast milk that has been shown to improve an infant’s cognitive development and gut health. The cows that produce Kendamil milk graze on organic, pesticide-free pastures. And it meets UK and European standards, which mean that it is free of growth hormones and antibiotics.

It is available in Europe and the United States. Its free express shipping to the US helps to reduce shipping costs. The alternative shipping route takes 30 days and may also incur additional delays due to customs. It comes in a recyclable metal can of 800g, which is also better for storage and shelf life. It also includes English instructions and contains 29 bottles per 800-gram can. This formula does not contain soy oil, fish oil, or palm oil.

It is suitable from birth to 6 months

Kendamil Stage 1 Organic First Infant Milk formula is a nutritious and complete source of nutrition for newborns. Designed to complement breast milk, this formula contains the same ratio of casein and whey, which is 60/40 in breast milk. It also contains essential fatty acids and immune-boosting vitamins. Its milk-based formulation contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

It is recommended to give Kendamil Organic First Infant Milk Formula on demand, using a spoon or levelled scoop. Providing too much or too little milk powder can make your baby sick. Feed Kendamil Stage 1 Organic First Infant Milk Formula every two hours, and discard the remaining after two hours. Never mix it with other food, or heat it in the microwave.

It contains Omega 3 and Omega 6

If you’re looking for a premium formula for your baby, you’ve probably heard of Kendamil. This British company has been making baby formulas for over 60 years and is a favorite among the Royal family. It is a family-owned business with organic farming practices and a dedication to corporate social responsibility. The company’s ingredients are made from all-natural ingredients and go above and beyond British standards to ensure your baby’s health and wellness.

The company sources its milk from sustainable, ethical farms and ensures that the ingredients are as natural as possible. This includes avoiding sugar and man-made additives. In addition, they use algae-based DHA rather than fish oil. The company is also vegetarian-friendly, making it a great choice for babies. Not only does Kendamil use natural ingredients, but its products are also free of cholesterol.

It is suitable for vegetarians

If you’re a vegetarian and want to give your baby the best start in life, Kendamil Stage I Organic First Infant Milk Formula is the answer. Its scientifically developed formula is suitable for vegetarians and babies from birth to 6 months. Its formula is made from organic full cream from British farms, and it is vegetarian-friendly. This means that it is made from natural fat, which reduces the need for vegetable oils. Whole milk also improves your baby’s cognitive development. Because it is so complete in nutrition and is vegetarian-friendly, it is suitable for both exclusive bottle feeding and supplementation with breast milk.

It’s not surprising that Kendamil is suitable for vegetarians, as it contains DHA and omega 3 derived from marine algae and excludes fish oils. It is a vegetarian milk formula that contains essential fatty acids and is vegan-friendly. The formula also contains no palm oil or fish oil, which can negatively impact calcium absorption. In addition, it contains natural sources of fatty acids, including omega 3 and DHA, which are essential for healthy brain and eye development.

It contains MFGM

Kendamil First Infant Milk is a vegetarian formula with DHA and AA, Omega 3 and 6, and prebiotics from full cream nutrients. It has an amazing creamy texture and a distinctive golden color. Its nutrient profile is closest to breast milk, so your baby will love it and get the nutrients they need. The best part about Kendamil First Infant Milk is that it’s made in the UK, too!


It’s easy on the stomach, containing a 60:40 whey/casein ratio. It’s rich in fatty acids, essential for brain/eye development and growth. Kendamil also contains vitamins and minerals, and a natural source of fat: milk fat globule membrane. MFGM is the fat found in breast milk. It’s free of palm oil, fish oil, and soy.

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