Jack Herer Feminized

Jack Herer feminized seeds live up to the beloved 420 legend they’re named after. This all-time classic strain is easy to grow, exhibits a unique, delicious flavor, offers massive yields, and lights a fire inside you. 

Jack Herer (pronounced like terror) was a cannabis/hemp activist who wrote, “the emperor wears no clothes.” This non-fiction book pointed out the absurdities of banning hemp in the US. It also talked about numerous beneficial uses of cannabis plants.

Weed from Jack Herer feminized seeds has won 9 Best-In-Class High Times Cannabis Cup awards and is the proud parent of many new hybrids. Dutch authorities approved this multi-award-winning wake and bake strain for medical uses many moons ago, which is a hard accolade to get.

Find out why this super-potent, hard-hitting, fast-acting, slightly indica dominant strain is a fan favorite of many cannabis users and cultivators. We’ll also tell you where to buy the best feminized Jack Herer seeds and how to cultivate your own.

Let’s roll.

Jack Herer Feminized seeds description

Over the years, Jack Herer acquired many names, including JH, The Hemperor, Platinum Jack, Premium Jack, and The Jack.

Feminized Jack Herer seeds are photoperiod plants meaning they blossom into female-only marijuana cultivars. You need not worry about male cannabis plants creeping into your grow room and fertilizing your flowers.

Blooming for photoperiod plants from Jack Herer feminized seeds starts in the fall when light duration during the day becomes shorter. Indoor cultivators mimic fall by switching to the 12/12 hour light cycle every day until the buds mature.

Aromatic and crystal-laden flowers of cultivars grown out of Jack Herer feminized seeds promise an uplifting and energizing effect. JH is a great all-day strain that enhances energetic outdoor activities or more meditative, thoughtful pastimes.

Whip out your to-do list and complete mundane tasks with a smile. A delightful aroma and irresistible flavor are the perfect accompaniment.

Buds of plants from feminized Jack Herer seeds exhibit vivid orange pistils scattered through the lush green flowers covered in a blanket of trichomes. The alluring bag appeal makes this strain fly off the shelves.

Feminized Jack Herer seeds produce highly resinous buds. Medical practitioners in legalized medical marijuana states and Amsterdam officially recommend it to help alleviate several ailments. Dubbed a wake and bake strain, JH increases energy levels while simultaneously numbing negative thoughts.

Anyone pursuing creative tasks or meaningful conversations benefits from the enhanced cerebral activity. The effect of cannabis produced by feminized Jack Herer seeds makes you want to speak your mind and live free. It also reawakens a sense of self-realization and belief—attributes Jack Herer had in abundance.

Jack Herer Feminized effects 

Cannabis from Jack Herer feminized seeds improves visualization, energy levels, mood, creativity, and brainstorming.

The Hemperor is great daytime marijuana for socializing with colleagues and friends. All you need is one or two sweet-smelling puffs to feel the desired effects.

The high THC  (15 to 19%) and unique terpene profile make for a potent concoction. Despite having less than 2% CBD, weed from Jack Herer feminized seeds has been suggested to help medical marijuana patients get relief from various ailments such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Stress
  • Loss of appetite

Dutch authorities recognized it for its medical applications when it hit the scene in the early nineties. Jack Herer feminized seeds produce marijuana that could reduce anxiety, which is rare for sativa dominant strains. Relieve yourself from all mental stress with Jack Herer as you become bubbly and cheerful.

Avoid consuming this sativa dominant strain too late in the evening because it could keep you from falling asleep. Jack Herer weed is ideal for beginner and veteran cannabis consumers. However, newbies should take it slow because they are not used to relatively high THC from high-grade cannabis.

Common side effects include dry mouth and red-eyes, which you can mitigate by staying hydrated during and after your session.

Jack Herer Feminized flavors

The earthy and piney aroma of smoke from resinous buds of Jack Herer feminized seeds is so distinctive that veteran smokers call it the Jack smell.

Haze passed on its lemony and peppery quality, while Shiva Skunk renders its fruitiness, and Northern Lights #5 accentuated the earthy and pine-like aroma.

Open up a bag or jar of weed produced by feminized Jack Herer seeds and soak in the light floral scent with earth and lemon zest undertones. The aroma is congruent to the flavor, intriguing the palate.

The thick, smooth, and pleasantly herbal smoke is rich and spicy like frankincense. It doesn’t cause a coughing fit at all, despite filling up your mouth and hanging around in your room for long. Prepare for a hot box and bask in the hazy cloud.

An earthy sandalwood aftertaste with a little pepper zing lingers in your palate after exhaling the sweet-tasting, mouth-watering smoke. The dry toke has a strong hazy taste.

How to Germinate Jack Herer Feminized seeds

There are many ways of germinating Jack Herer feminized seeds since all you need is heat, air, and water to start their growth cycle. Here are the most common ways to go about it:

Paper towel method

Seasoned cannabis cultivators prefer this technique because it’s simple and reliable. All you’re required to have are a few household items that include two dinner plates, water, and paper towels.

This procedure takes the guesswork out of knowing whether your feminized Jack Herer seeds have sprouted. It also gives a higher germination rate than other techniques. Here’s how to undertake the paper towel method, step by step.

  • Wet two paper towels, not so much that they’re drenched, and place one on the first plate.
  • Set cannabis seeds an inch apart from each other on top of the paper.
  • Cover your Jack Herer feminized seeds with the remaining paper towel.
  • Place the second plate on top of the first to form a dome-like shape.
  • Set the plates in a warm and dark place, such as a drawer.
  • Ensure the paper towels are always wet by checking on them regularly.

Each cannabis seed is ready to transplant after a healthy taproot develops in around 1 to 5 days if you use this approach.

Glass water technique

This method sounds easier, but you risk drowning your feminized Jack Herer seeds. It’s not as effective as the paper towel germination method but is helpful for marijuana seeds that have stayed dormant for more than a year. Water softens the hard shell on old cannabis seeds, making it easier for them to pop.

Fill up a cup with water that’s at room temperature. Dip your Jack Herer feminized seeds and remove those that sink to the bottom because you don’t want them to drown.

Plant the seeds and wait for the sprout to come out in a few days. You can also switch to paper towels after the seeds pop or sink in water.

Planting directly into the soil

Plant cannabis seeds directly into the soil, as it has always been for centuries. Spray water on the medium regularly and expect the dicotyledons to come out of the top in about ten days.

Unfortunately, planting Jack Herer feminized seeds in soil leads to significantly lower germination rates than the paper towel technique. You also need to make sure the medium around your seed is always wet—cumbersome work, especially if planting in a large, final pot.

Jack Herer Feminized seeds grow information

Like most sativa dominant strains, plants from Jack Herer feminized seeds grow tall to over six feet if allowed to do so outdoors. Optimize yields by utilizing a Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (ScrOG) set up to widen the canopy for more light penetration and height control.

Feminized Jack Herer seeds grow into photoperiod cultivars that should receive more than 13 hours of light every day to remain in veg. You have enough time to implement high-stress training techniques such as super cropping and topping while in the vegetative stage for optimum yields.

Switch to the 12/12 light cycle for cultivars from Jack Herer feminized seeds to finish flowering in just 9–10 weeks—record time for a sativa dominant strain. Outdoor growers in the Northern Hemisphere harvest by mid-October.

Including flowering, it can take anywhere between three and a half to seven months from seed to harvest. Most commercial growers like to veg for around 60 days. Cultivators have an easy time getting a bountiful return of 18–21oz. /m2 indoors and 25 ounces per plant outdoors.

Jack Herer feminized seeds become plants naturally resistant to huge temperature fluctuations, disease, mold, mildew, and bugs, making cultivating it a joy. However, Jack Herer is a heavy feeder, so do not skimp on nutrients.

This hardy plant thrives in Spain’s and California’s sunny Mediterranean or tropical climate. The hot and dry weather is ideal for rapid vegetative growth. Keep humidity levels low and temperatures high to 68–80 ℉ if you plant feminized Jack Herer seeds indoors.

This tall plant exhibits narrow dark green finger leaves and buds coated in a heavy blanket of sticky, sugary trichomes. The frosty resin makes the flowers appear lighter. Numerous pistils on the buds from Jack Herer feminized seeds turn brick red upon maturity, a beautiful sight to behold.

You may have to support the heavy colas during flowering. Resin coats sugar leaves, fan leaves, stems, and stalks, making Jack Herer excellent for hash heads.

Jack Herer only exhibits its complex savory haze and skunky aroma while flowering, great for discreet growers who want to avoid nosey neighbors.

Due to its sheer size, it’s best to plant Jack Herer feminized seeds in ground soil over pots that are usually too small. Farm in a greenhouse instead of a regular-sized grow tent if you want to plant indoors. Switch to flowering much earlier for less yield if you have limited space indoors.

Keep in mind that this low-maintenance plant doubles or triples in height after changing the photoperiod from veg to flower. Outdoor growers can induce flowering by covering the plant for more than 12 hours every day until the buds mature.

Jack Herer Feminized seeds genetics

Amsterdam breeders Sensi Seeds were the first to propagate the Jack Herer feminized seeds in the 90s. This famous strain’s believed to be a hybrid of Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk, and Haze.

Jack Herer is slightly sativa dominant (55% sativa / 45% indica), and this is clear from how it grows and its balanced effects. Users never feel tired or get couch-locked. The two indicas significantly shorten the long six-month flowering time that haze plants demand.

Jack Herer feminized seeds have spawned many hybrids such as Black Jack, Critical Jack, Blueberry x Jack and Jack x Skunk because it’s an amazing parent to have.

Where to Buy Jack Herer Feminized seeds 

Click here to order the best feminized Jack Herer seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. (HMG). Here’s what this reputable seed bank has to offer:

  • Has over 400 verifiable premium cannabis seeds
  • Guarantees fast and discreet delivery of products
  • Provides a platform for each strain, where you can easily sign up and get growing tips from their in-house experts and other cultivators like you.
  • Has representatives available for a live chat all day, every day
  • Offers a germination guarantee on the cannabis seed only if you use the paper towel technique.
  • Tons of free, comprehensive educational resources
  • Convenient payment options

Even though you can find Jack Herer stocked in many decent dispensaries, nothing beats growing your own. To get the best feminized jack Herer seeds, you need to buy from the best, and HMG is with you every step of the way.

Homegrown Cannabis Co also stocks CBD and autoflower versions besides Jack Herer seeds feminized.

A tribute to an emperor

Jack Herer feminized seeds bloom into a low-maintenance cannabis strain. Most others aren’t as resistant to pests and diseases. You can’t help but love the tasty smoke, visually enhancing effects, the plant’s easy-going nature, and excellent yields

Jack Herer is a legend who’s gone but never forgotten in the 420 community. This extraordinary strain, named in his memory, stands tall and proud in many cultivators’ gardens. Cannabis connoisseurs love its exceptional attributes.

Wake and bake, enlighten your mind like the emperor of hemp, thanks to cannabis cultivated from feminized Jack Herer seeds. Head over to Homegrown Cannabis Co for a seamless cultivation process, from start to finish.

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