iPhones Pros and Cons

I have been using the iPhone right from when the iPhone 4 was released. I have watched the brand grow over the years and have seen them overcome several challenges. Having used the iPhone brand for several years now, I do know that there are some perks or benefits that come with using an iPhone and there are also some disadvantages that come with using an iPhone. That’s why in today’s article, I’ll be telling you about iPhones pros and cons.

Pros of the iPhone 

If you are an iPhone user like me, you’d agree that using the device comes with several benefits. In this section, I’ll be telling you the benefits or pros of using an iPhone. 

Ease of use

The iPhone’s operating system makes the device intuitive and easy to use. The only drawback that comes with its usage is that it cannot be easily customized but then aren’t all Apple products like that? Apart from the customization, the device is really easy to use.


When it comes to design, iPhone products are at the top of the class. Even to date, several other phone brands tend to mimic the design of the iPhone. When it comes to design, the iPhone has been leading the smartphone world. For example, the iPhone was the first to introduce a full bezel to a bezel screen, they were also the first to remove the headphone jack which several other phone brands are now copying, and they are also the first the introduce the bidirectional port lighting cable.

Lesser security breaches

Unlike the iPhone, Android phones can be easily customized and that comes at a huge price because hackers can easily have access to your device and steal personal information or even corrupt your files but the same cannot be said about the iPhone and that’s because if you should try to hack the iPhone you’ll have to pass through the iPhone’s line of defence (the Apple firewall). One way hackers can use to have access to your iPhone device is through third-party downloads that’s why it’s always advisable to download your applications on the Apple Store and your songs from Apple Music. In an event where you can’t find what you are looking for in those places, then you’ll have to check the third-party file thoroughly before installing it.

iPhone Privileges

Using an iPhone entitles you to a lot of privileges that other brand users are not entitled to. You might wonder, what these so-called privileges are? I’ll tell you. With the iPhone, you get to use products and services reserved for iPhone users like Apple pay, FaceTime, iMessage, CarPlay, etc. 

Due to iPhone’s popularity, there are some applications you’ll find on the iPhone which you can’t find on an Android. A good example is Drafts or Apollo, both apps are exclusive to the iPhone and cannot be found or used on Andriod. 

Cons of the iPhone 

Just like other devices, the iPhone isn’t all good and of course, it does come with some disadvantages. In this section, I’ll be telling you about the disadvantages of using an iPhone. 

The Apple ecosystem is a curse

The Apple ecosystem is more of a curse than a blessing and the reason for this is because once you get in or start using an Apple product, it’s usually difficult to get out or start using other products. Apple’s ecosystem is designed to make consumers purchase more Apple products. For example, if you own an iPhone, you are more likely to purchase a Mac-Book rather than a different brand because you’ll want to be able to easily link both devices. Purchasing only Apple products makes it difficult to tell if their products are performing better or worse than other brands because you only use their brand.

Apple iPhones are expensive

When it comes to iPhone devices, the first thing anyone notices is their price and that’s because Apple phones are too expensive. It’ll surprise you to know that an Apple iPhone that was released two years ago still cost more than several new phones from different brands.

Do you really want an iPhone but you can’t purchase one because of this disadvantage? What if I tell you that, there is a way to go around it would you believe me? Well, there is actually a way to buy affordable iPhones. You can get any iPhone of your choice at a good rate when you visit wireless cosmic. 

Less storage 

With the Apple iPhone, you are only entitled to use the storage space you are given and nothing more. If you want to increase your storage space you’ll have to consider swapping your current device or purchasing a new one that has a larger storage space. You’ll have to go through all that stress simply because Apple phones don’t come with upgradable or expandable storage.

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