How to Watch HBO Max in the UK

HBO Max is an entertaining media streaming platform that was first launched in the USA on 27th May 2020 by parent channel HBO. It has several incredibly admired shows available, broadcasted by famous production houses. 

With the overwhelming run with competitors like Netflix, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, and Apple TV, HBO Max decides to keep its unique selling proposition intact to on-air content only in select regions.

This blog is for those searching for a way to unblock the HBO Max outside the USA and get access to the media streaming they are yearning to watch. There is a great demand to access the demanding content provided by Warner Bros.

HBO Max made a policy to geo-restrict their content outside US borders, which became a huge hassle for people outside the region.

Why HBO Max is not approachable in the UK 

Like many other pastime applications, HBO Max has restricted its content geographically only for USA residents, which is a significant drawback to the people outside the region.

Since HBO Max is broadcasting numerous amusing shows and series that are a treat to amusement media lovers, the people lacking this opportunity find ways to open that door.

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HBO Max is surrounded by attentive servers that can scan any IP address within seconds when connecting from abroad. 

People failed after several attempts to bypass the servers and connect to the inspiring app. The HBO Max sends connectivity failed messages to them, saying, “this service is not available in your region.” 

Only people in the USA can independently watch HBO Max, and no one else can achieve the same by visiting from outside it.

Still, do not lose hope and read this blog to find your way towards the permittance of accessing the HBO Max.  

When Did HBO Max Launch?

HBO Max was launched on 27th May 2020 by Warner Media.. Lately, it has been broadcasting only in a limited number of countries, but the news is that HBO Max will be expanding its services in the European countries as well as the UK soon. Let’s see!

To unblock HBO Max in the UK, you need a VPN

You need to follow the practical steps discussed below to break the geo-restriction and access HBO Max:

  • Download/install a VPN for UK on your device.
  • Open and sign in to the app with your credentials.
  • Connect to a US server in the VPN.
  • Open HBO Max on your device.
  • Access to your long-awaited shows and cherish your time

What is the Hype about HBO Max?

HBO Max is a massive digital media streaming channel than HBO Go and HBO, came into life by Warner Bros, streamed more content than HBO Go, is famous for the list of media content it provides. From your favorite shows like The Lord of the rings, DC Marvel movies, Harry Potter to Studio Ghibli anime, Crunchyroll, movies from Christerion’s library of classic and international films. 

HBO Max has provided media streaming that is unavailable on other paid sites. It also broadcasts TBS, TNT, Tru TV Shows, the CNN original shows, BBC shows, and curiosity streaming shows. 

It also aired the most iconic shows in history that offer you old memories to re-enjoy, like FRIENDS, Games of Thrones, Westworld, and so much more to satisfy your media consumption desires. 

Also, HBO Max delights its subscribers with mesmerizing series like The Big Bang Theory, South Park, The Studio Ghibli Collection, and Wonder Women. Other than that, HBO Max grants you to watch HBO Go and HBO.

Furthermore, it is highly priced compared to other media streaming apps, but you have to live the worth it experience. 

How to Sign-up HBO Max in the UK?

To sign up for HBO Max in the UK, you need a payment with a US address or luck having someone who lives in a supported region who can pay for your subscription. If not, there are other ways to do it. 

You will need to purchase an HBO Max gift card from online retailers to buy HBO Max subscription.

And with the help of a VPN for UK, you can get to the sign-up page by connecting to the US region.

Note: You cannot stream HBO Go with a gift card. For that, you need a cable subscription. 

How Much Can HBO Max Cost You in the UK? 

Unfortunately, HBO Max is not obtainable in the UK, and one can only permit access through an existing account or by signing up for HBO Max using a VPN in the UK. The price for HBO Max is $14.99 for a month’s subscription. 

Can I Access HBO Max With Free VPNs? 

Since free VPNs have weak servers, you cannot access HBO Max through free VPNs. Moreover, HBO Max has robust IP detectors to scan any illegal access, and they may block your account for attempting to bypass the restriction, so it’s better not to waste your time.

However, Getting a UK VPN can save trouble, and you can enjoy unlimited ad-free content.

Is the Use of VPN Illegal or Not In the UK?

Definitely! The use of a VPN for watching media content is legal. However, a VPN can provide you with virtual security by encrypting your internet traffic from third parties. Furthermore, you can stream geo-restricted content of any country using your UK VPN with a vital server. 

What to Do if HBO Max Doesn’t Work With a VPN?

Not constantly, but once in a blue moon, this problem occurs. When you try to access HBO Max sitting in the UK with a VPN, it detects your IP address and won’t permit you to reach it. There’s nothing to worry about. You can simply log out of your USA IP address and log in again with a different IP address to dodge it. 

Still, if any mishap happens, clear the cache of your browsing history or contact your VPN customer support executives. 

How to Watch HBO Max In the UK Having an Apple Device

If you are accessing HBO Max in the UK with an Apple device, then you should follow the practical steps to get logged in: 

  • Log out your former iCloud account
  • Log into a new account with a US address.
  • Head towards Apple App store to install the HBO Max app.
  • Connect through a US IP address and enjoy streaming on HBO Max.

How to Watch HBO Max In the UK On An Android device

If you are obtaining HBO Max in the UK with an android device, then you must follow the simple steps to sign in: 

  • Connect through a powerful VPN.
  • Go to your three-dot menu of the Play Store.
  • Convert your UK location into a USA location by connecting to a VPN server.
  • Install the HBO Max app.
  • Sign up using your USA IP address.
  • Start streaming your craved content. 


HBO Max is one of the most fantastic streaming services. The broadcasting of media diversification it provides is incredible to have. There are various genres of content available on HBO Max that you cannot deserve to pass on. Hurry up, get a subscription to a secure and reliable VPN and start streaming everything residing in the UK at your comfort.

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