How To Use Whipped Cream Charger – A Beginner’s Guide

Whipped cream is the favorite of most people, and whether it’s at home, pub, restaurant, or any other place, the amazing taste that whipped cream offers makes it attractive for everyone. To make whipped cream, you will need a whipped cream charger, among other ingredients. 

So what is a whip cream dispenser charger? This is a device that is manufactured either from stainless steel or aluminum and which uses 8 grams bulbs to pressurize the canisters and cause an instant dissolution of the gas into some kind of liquid. The cream dispenser has got a valve that can be opened when a lever is pressed and which forces the liquid that is inside out. When the liquid is coming out, it gets transformed to form a whip, foam, or mousse.

How whipped cream dispensers make whipped cream?

To make whipped cream, you will require some thickening cream that has good fat content. In most instances, the fat content or percentage of available fat should be between 24 and 36%. When the N20 canisters are charged, they get dissolved into the fact and this releases pressure that causes the nitrous oxide to expand within the available fat molecules, and this leads to the dispersion of the whipped cream.

The best thing when you use a whipped cream dispenser to create a whipped cream is that it creates up to 4 times the amount that you would get if you whip air into the solution. Using natural air doesn’t make sense especially when you have many guests that want to serve the whipped cream.

Can all liquids create a whipped cream?

No. There is no way that all liquids can help to create foams, mousses, and whips. However, there is nothing that can prevent you from infusing any liquid.

What happens if you use any gas?

When it comes to creating whipped creams, you should use 8 grams of nitrous oxide. This is because it’s supported by almost all available bulbs and it can dissolve quickly. Moreover, while it’s inside the canister, Nitrous Oxide doesn’t oxidize. Moreover, N20 has also been the gas of choice because it is tasteless and odorless and prevents the development of bacteria inside the container.

How to use a Whipped Cream Dispenser

  1. Make sure you have a whipped cream dispenser recipe and put your dispenser on a relatively flat surface.
  2. Remove the head of the dispenser from the container.
  3. Put inside the extracts, sugar, desired liquids, syrups, and more.
  4. Screw the dispenser’s back on.
  5. Insert 1 cream charger inside the charge holder.
  6. Screw the holder of the charger until you hear gas escaping.
  7. Shake the dispenser to ensure that the gas gets fully mixed with the contents.
  8. Turn the tip of the dispenser downwards and press the lever for dispersion.

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