How to Keep Nail Polish Fresh for a Long Time with Portable Nail Polish Storage

We, the females usually have hundreds of nail polishes in collection at home. Some of them we mostly carry in portable nail polish storage bags. Here we will learn how to prolong the shelf life of nail polish when we carry them and use them throughout the day.

Enjoying nail polishes for a long time means that you will have a considerable collection, it is super common to be asked about the durability of nail polishes. Not on the nails, but on the shelves. Do they not spoil? Does not it dry out? Isn’t it hard? ”

Like every cosmetic product that exists, nail polish does have durability, a useful life, so to speak. But usually that expiration date printed on labels doesn’t quite match reality. Mostly, we have dozens of expired nail polishes that are still great, as well as we may have some nail polishes that have completely changed their color and spoiled even within the deadline. The most common problems are dryness and color change. Pigments are unfortunately not eternal.

That’s why we have some tips on how to prolong the life of nail polishes and how to recover some cases when you think everything is lost.

Prefer to store your bottles upright. In another position they can leak or evaporate more easily. Enamel has to stay away from large temperature changes and away from light and moisture. Direct, strong light can cause pigments to change prematurely. Keeping nail polish in the bathroom or in the fridge doesn’t work either.

Close the lid tightly! Several times you may have snot at home because of nail polish with the lid not closed. Screwing correctly prevents the enamel from evaporating quickly. It is important to clean the mouth of the bottle well because that accumulated dry enamel will make the lid not seal properly or that you will only be able to open the bottle even with your tooth afterwards.

Nail polish storage

Before you organize everything very neatly, try to keep it separated by brands. Even so, it’s still difficult to make everything cute, since we’re always messing with them, taking them out and putting them in the drawer all the time. However, the important thing is that here they are standing, protected from moisture, light and heat.

Here, we have best solution for nail polish storage with nail polish storage bags. You cannot only store these beauty gadgets but also carry them anywhere.You can order nail polish storage bags according to number of nail polish you want to carry. These nail polish storage bags are light-weight, easily washable and have lots of space to organize and store enough units. There are different sizes of nail polish bags available in market; you can order any according to your requirement.

And what to do when it’s gone bad?

If the bottle is hard to open because the nail polish on the mouth has dried up: try putting an elastic band around the nail polish cap. The rubber will give more stability and firmness to open the lid. If that doesn’t work, try heating the cap in lukewarm water. But only wet the lid, as it expands with heat and makes it easier to open.

If the nail polish is too hard and dry, you can recover it with nail polish thinner, which is a specific product for that. Some people use acetone and I don’t recommend it. As much as it seems to work at the time, the tendency is for the nail polish formula to get worse later. The logic of using the thinner is that it replaces the product that evaporated from the enamel and left it dry. You can also use banana oil, as some of them have this component in the composition, which helps to recover.

Well, even if the bottle is standing nice and stored for a long time, it is normal for some components to separate leaving that “water” on top of the enamel as shown in the first photo. If this happens, the enamel has not spoiled.

Usually just give that neat shake to strengthen the biceps and that’s it. Just don’t forget to make sure the lid is closed and hold the nail polish well so it doesn’t end up on the ceiling. But only do this if you are not going to use the nail polish right away, otherwise you will get a ball on your nail. Before using the nail polish, at most roll it in your hands slowly, or on a surface.

Thus, you mix the components without leaving the enamel with a ball on the nail.

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