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How to Clean Your Staircase in 5 Simple Steps

It is crucial to give special attention to standard stairs, such as those in houses, buildings, and condos.

Keeping stairways clear of obstacles and dirt is essential. As a result, you protect the environment and also your health by preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. The virus can be stuck on anything, including stair rails. On this surface, dirt can accumulate quickly, so you need to do something as soon as possible. The cleaning Erhvervsrengøring process for stairs depends upon the materials used for their construction.

Comparatively, concrete stairs need to be cleaned more frequently than wooden stairs. You will succeed in your work if you follow the advice of a domestic cleaning agency. An expert can also help you clean the stairs.

To clean the stairs follow these steps:

Clean community stairs according to this general procedure: Cleaning stairs should start from the upper floors and proceed downward, so as not to contaminate the clean areas. It is recommended that stair cleaning be done at least once a week. It is a periodicity that can vary with the size and number of neighbors in your neighborhood.

Integral dust must be removed: Using a broom or a vacuum cleaner, start cleaning the stairs in your house by removing the dust first.

It is best to start from the highest floor and work our way downward, in order to prevent staining and double-working. It is very important to keep in mind the type of material of the stairs when choosing products. Use a dry cloth to clean your wooden stairs, and avoid wet clothes for your iron handle stairs.

The Steps Need to Be Cleaned

Ensure that any fallen debris is removed from the stair treads during this step, which involves cleaning them from top to bottom. It is extremely important that this cleaning Rengøringshjælp of stairs and corridors be completed at a time when no one is going up or down the stairs. Because if you do it when the stair’s usage is maximum, then your work will be wasted.

Railings and walls should be cleaned: As a first step, start at the highest points so that dirt falls on the floor. As we have already mentioned, the railing is of particular importance, so a disinfectant must be used with a microfiber cloth. You can use a feather duster or a rag to remove dust particles from the walls. Wet clothes should not be used on the wall, since this will ruin the paint.

The stairs need to be scrubbed: The main thing to remember is that the stairs must be wet in order to avoid any incidents with the residents of the community. Double buckets can also be used, the first pass with a bucket containing the product and the second pass only with water. In cases where dirt is a problem, this would be the method.

Stains those are persistent:

Following the stair cleaning routine, if any stains are still present they must be treated based on the type of surface the stairs are made of. It is also possible to remove stains with a special product that is available in the market for stain removal.

Stairs should be cleaned very frequently. Due to the existence of elevators, if stairways in a neighboring community are rarely used, maintenance and cleaning Rengøring will take less time than in other instances. In many instances, dirt cannot easily be seen with the naked eye. However, this does not mean that we should forget to clean them. A regular cleaning program over time will make the stairs look better and will decrease the chances of spreading the disease.

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