When buying safety boots, safety shoes, or any other type of protective shoe, it is very important to choose the footwear that best suits our feet. At Kameymall stores we share some advice with you and tell you what you should take into account when choosing it.

Buying safety footwear is one of those tasks that you have surely done on more than one occasion. With the return to work and the arrival of a new “work course”, perhaps you will be in the process of renewing more than one piece of your protective clothing, right?

Choosing the correct number of safety boots seems simple, but are you sure that you take into account everything you should when choosing your perfect size? The feet are one of the most delicate parts of our body and as such, they need us to give them the attention they deserve. Think about it: they are the ones that support your weight and one of the fundamental parts to carry out your work in optimal conditions. A poor choice of the size of safety shoes for women can bring us discomfort, discomfort, and problems such as bunions, calluses, calluses, a feeling of swelling, and even lumbar pain or hernias.

Tips for buying safety footwear

The best safety footwear is the one that adapts perfectly to your feet. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you go to your nearest Clickfer point of sale in search of your new work shoes:

The ideal time to buy protective shoes: do you know that it is better to try on your new shoes in the evening? 

It is when the feet are more swollen, therefore, you will try a size that does not squeeze or bother you taking into account this time of day when they are more tired.

When trying them on, push your foot all the way into the shoe and check that a toe fits in the heel. It is the space that tells us that the size is correct.

It is better that, when trying them on, you do it with work socks or stockings (the ones you usually use) and check that they do not create folds or bother you.

If in doubt, order one size up rather than one size down.

Even if you think that the first pair you tried on is the ideal one, try several sizes or several models. Never stay with the first. You may find a comfortable protective boot model that you had not thought of at first. For that, walk through your  Clicker hardware store and check that they are perfect for your feet.

What should I look for when buying the best safety footwear?

When we buy Kameymall footwear, we want to find, of course, protection against possible occupational hazards. The protections with metallic reinforcement toecap, reinforced soles, and protection against chemical risks, are the characteristics most sought after by the different professionals.

Impact-resistant toecaps and, if designed for construction work, the footwear must be reinforced. These reinforcements are important, but they must be combined with lightness since it is what facilitates your movements and comfort on a daily basis.

Choose shoes that distribute your weight evenly.

Also, look at the resistance of the cords. Essential for a firm hold.

You must pay attention to the impermeability of the footwear: to water, to solvents, and other chemical products.

The non-stick sole, to avoid possible accidents when slipping on surfaces.

The use of anti-perforation insoles will protect you from cuts. Bet on resistant materials: leather or synthetic on the outside, rubber or rubber sole.

The interior must be breathable and easy to clean.

The manufacturer must be indicated, as well as the date of manufacture (since some materials can deteriorate over time). Safety footwear must bear a quality mark that guarantees compliance with certain technical characteristics. Currently, the quality mark in force in Spain is the approval number of the Ministry of Labor.


There are jobs that need more elegant footwear, and the usual trend is to wear shoes with heels, either out of necessity, out of habit, or that we like more. We recommend that you do not abuse excessive heights and if you have to use them, that the heels have enough base to provide correct stability in the tread. The fit is important, and for this reason, we recommend shoes with a strap. The materials, as in all work shoes, are essential to finding the maximum degree of comfort due to their adaptation, breathability, and durability.


This is a section that is usually given little attention, but it is essential to increase the durability of our shoes.

Good conservation and cleaning can provide us with more than twice the duration. For this, we must do regular cleaning with good products and remove the remains of dirt that adhere to the skin since they are very harmful to it.

With this, we are nourishing the skin and preventing it from drying out and ending up being cut. Quick cleansing creams are valid if they contain waxes but if other liquids prevail, they end up damaging the skin. That is why we recommend watching what we buy and give to our shoes and in the long run, it will also be money well spent. Internally, we can replace the inner templates when we observe that they are very worn and deformed.

Floors and seams must be observed regularly to detect possible cuts and wear that are sometimes caused by friction and bumps and, if not repaired, can end the life of the shoe in a few weeks.

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