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How to Choose Lights for Your Bathrooms?

The bathroom plays a very special role in a house. It is where we take our days off! A good bath after a hectic day at work is the most special for each one of us. And in order to make the bathroom look and feel cosier and more alive, it’s advisable to opt for the right kind of bathroom lighting.

Choosing the right kind of bathroom lighting is essential for every home. And thankfully, there are many options to choose from. You can pick lighting depending upon the theme of your bathroom, and its colour, or you can create a totally different scenario in your bathroom by picking something absolutely out of the box!

In this blog, we will give you a few ideas related to bathroom lighting. Let’s get started!

1. Pick the Right Shower Lighting

If you think that your shower space doesn’t need proper lighting and just the main lights on the bathroom will suffice, you are sadly mistaken! The proper shower space lighting is extremely important if you wish to take a shower in style! Quite literally, good shower lighting can change the look of your bathroom altogether. You can go for a yellowish tone for this lighting.

2. Ambient Lighting is Vital

This is a lot like a ‘fill-in’ lighting that can act as a substitute for natural lighting in your bathroom. These are mostly surface-mounted and come as a ceiling light with a central fixture. It is better to consider a chandelier or a pendant light in this regard for your bathroom. And believe it or not, it can totally alter the look of the whole space.

3. Accent Lighting is Totally in Fashion

A small spotlight kind of lighting in your bathroom can act as the right decorative element as well. It could be in your powder room basin as well. With accent lighting, you can essentially add a tinge of better lighting to your bathroom space. This lighting can also highlight the fixtures and the tilework of your bathroom and make them shine and sparkle!

4. Include Dim Lights

Dimmer lights are usually an interior designer’s best bet while decorating a bathroom space. These lights can have total control over your mood and hence, the overall mood of the room. So, even if your bathroom space is small, the right kind of dimmer light can accentuate its beauty and mood altogether. Dimmers also help in conserving energy so that you can dim the accent lights and just put this on to save a lot of electricity.

5. Single Lighting Over Mirror

Finally, if you have a single mirror in your bathroom, make sure that you have a proper light above it so that it gets easier for you to look at yourself and get dressed in the best possible way.


Now that you have gained some idea about sprucing up your bathroom space with the right kind of lighting, when are you going to renovate it? Even if you go for furniture on rent or look for the best furniture rental in Bangalore or in another part of the country, you must not neglect the lighting of your home, especially your bathroom. This will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

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