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Online sports free bet offers india are fun and thrilling but this comes with a disclaimer-only when you bet responsibly. As a regular user of the online betting in india and a consumer of epay betting sites you may have heard about the notion of responsible betting. The growth of the online betting industry in the recent past where millions of dollars flow every year may have attracted all sorts of players. Some are in it for fun; others see it as a way to get rich quickly, while another section uses it to earn their daily bread. Those who do it for fun, as well as those who are in it to earn some extra bucks, may not need a series lesson on how to bet responsibly but those who see it as a means to redeem themselves from poverty may be in deep trouble as they are the lot that engages in it irresponsibly.

A growing number of bettors have developed bad gambling habits, more so the newbie and unguided lot, and they have seen themselves get into deep financial and mental health problems. Kate Richardson (You can view her profile here), an online betting expert engages bettors on how they can bet responsibly. In this article, Kate Richardson will take us through several ways through which we can bet responsibly and avoid problems associated with excessive gambling.


In life, we have come to learn that too much of anything is harmful. This means that anything taken in moderation will not harm us. Whether you are into online betting as a pastime activity or you have made it a profession, it can be best enjoyed when done in moderation. While many would argue that what one regards as moderation would be different to another person, the truth of the matter is that excessive gambling is harmful not just to your pocket but also to your health.

Do it in moderation, bet only that which you can afford to lose, with such you are saved from the agony of debts and stress which accompanies such a situation. Some would be asking, how do I do this? It may not be simple but when you monitor your gambling habits, have self-regulation and self-discipline you have done most of what is required to bet responsibly. To help you out, we have some tips that can assist to bet responsibly. They include:

  • Taking betting as an entertainment
  • Setting limits
  • Avoiding the use of credit cards
  • Other hobbies
  • Self-discipline

Betting should be purely for entertainment

While this may be controversial to some, especially those who see online betting as a profession it is best to look at it as a way to enjoy yourself or as a hobby. You should not take it as a means to earn you some money or as a path to richness. Given that online sports betting are a game of chance, why should you gamble to richness or your next meal? You are in it, either to win or lose and nothing is guaranteed.

If you are a newbie, get some advice from seasoned bettors, they clearly understand that online sports betting is a game of chances. Let no one cheat you that winning is guaranteed, it is all matter of luck, and it’s not always that you are lucky. Those who get into betting with the sole purpose of earning are misguided. Even life in itself has some ups and downs, while we remain optimistic, at times things do not turn as expected, we gain and lose in equal measures.

Set limits and stick to them

Seasoned bettors have limits and they stick to them. It is all about self-discipline and self-control. Before you get into a match, determine what you will bet on and the time you will spend on it. If the amount at hand is not enough to place a bet that promises a handsome return, avoid it. The temptation or the lure to borrow to get the required amount is real.

Do not spend more than you can afford to lose. Be contented with what you have and for heavenly sake stick with it. Make it a habit and you will always find yourself enjoying the whole game.

Avoid using a credit card to bet online

We have all fallen into the credit card trap, where we have used our credit limits to buy things that we do not even need. It can be worse in betting, we can be easily encouraged to place more bets just because our credit limits allow.

Without realizing it, you will have spent an amount that you did not intend, putting you into debt. Luckily, in some jurisdictions use of credit cards to place a bet is banned. Any responsible bookmaker should enforce this; it is one way of ensuring that they retain bettors.

Have other hobbies

Although we encourage people to take a bet as a hobby and not a professional, we emphasize that one should have other hobbies too. Why is this important? If you make betting your only hobby, the chances of overdoing it are high. Invest your time and money in other activities of interest where you divide your time.

When you invest your time, money, and energy on betting alone you will find yourself engaging in habits that are detrimental to your financial well-being. Have in mind that responsible betting is not only about the actions while you bet but also when you are out. Balance your lifestyle; avoid falling victim to excessive gambling habits.

Know when to stop

A popular country singer tells us to know when to run. This is a wise move, know your good and bad days and act accordingly. Do not bet when you are stressed or depressed, online betting is not a therapy, it will not make you feel good. It may give you a quick thrill but that should not be the motivation, just know when to bet and when to stop.

Betting is fun and thrilling but it can be damaging to some people, follow these tips and you will never find you in trouble with online sports betting.

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