How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Applying For Personal Injury Claims

Court matters require strategy. In particular, litigating personal injury lawsuits requires a lot of effort. You need the right legal background to succeed in these cases.  Also, you should get all the steps right. From filing paperwork to applying for claims, everything should be right. Still more, simple mistakes can have your case thrown out of court. That’s why you should avoid making common mistakes when handling a personal injury case.

Believing That You Don’t Need AN Attorney

On the surface, not having a lawyer can look cost-effective. To you, it’s the best way of saving on legal fees. However, did you know that not having a lawyer will disadvantage you? At worst, you may lose all your claims. Remember, these cases involve a lot of complexities. Getting a better settlement requires a smart legal mind. It involves solving a lot of legal hurdles. Thus, don’t fail to bring a competent lawyer on board. A good abogado de lesiones personales en McAllen, TX will give you proper legal representation.

Working With the Wrong Law Firm

Don’t work with the wrong law firm. In most cases, you may be assigned to a law firm by your insurance company. However, this is a big mistake. These law firms can be compromised and make a biased opinion. Instead, choose your own lawyer. Consider shopping around. Look for a good law firm. Look for experience. Consider certification. Check the success rate of that firm. Choose a locally based law firm. Ensure that you can trust that law firm.

Assuming That All Solicitors Are the Same

Lawyers come with different levels of expertise. Of course, they possess the same legal background. However, over the years, certain lawyers become more experienced. Thus, it’s not about hiring any lawyer. It has to do with bringing in the right solicitor. Remember, your personal injury case can involve a lot of complexities. Solving these issues requires smartness. They demand a meticulous mind. Thus, go for the right attorney.

Not Asking All Possible Questions

Asking questions makes things clear. Thinking that your questions aren’t worth asking is a mistake. That question might help streamline a lot of things. Never underestimate any question. Thus, take the driver’s seat. Ask your lawyers all the questions you have. Seek clarifications regarding the timelines of your case. Ask him/her about the strengths and weaknesses in your case. It’s your case. So, don’t fear to pose any questions.

Thinking That the Claim Process Is Easy

Compensation claims aren’t usually as easy as you might think. Of course, some road accidents can be pretty straightforward, but most negligence claims have their complexity. Don’t ever assume that filing a claim against your employer will be that easy.

Before filing a claim, you need to think carefully. There are several aspects you should take into consideration before making your final decision. For instance, you should consider gathering important evidence and hiring a qualified attorney to represent your interests. Plus, you should discuss the benefits and drawbacks of filing a claim with your attorney to make sure that you’re certain about what could happen.

Not Keeping Evidence

Have you just been involved in an accident? Well, the first thing you should do is to gather important evidence. Preserve important evidence. Take numerous photos and videos of the accident scene. You may even want to consider writing everything down. Talk to several witnesses and record their statements.

As a claimant, you should be able to prove that the other driver’s negligent behavior caused your injuries.  So, be sure to collect important evidence as soon as you can.

It’s always imperative to note that not all attorneys are the same. A personal injury attorney might have over three hundred clients ago. And the more the number of claims a litigant has, the less effective he or she is probably going to handle your case.

So, don’t assume that your lawyer will always be thinking about your case. If you want your case to be resolved within a short period of time, then look for a reputable attorney who has a smaller number of cases. Then keep engaging them frequently.

Not Using Medical Evidence When Calculating Your Claims

Some insurance companies will respond by offering an initial offer almost immediately. They’ll do this even before reviewing any medical evidence on your injuries or damages. These are typically referred to as pre-medical offers. Accepting the first offer can potentially prevent you from receiving the compensation you truly deserve.

Your attorney will find it extremely difficult to value your claim without medical evidence. This will only be possible after you have fully recovered from your injuries. Although there are instances where accepting a pre-medical offer could be helpful, it’s always imperative to discuss this with your attorney before making your final decision.

Relying On Your Doctors Medical Report Only

Don’t just rely on your doctor’s medical report. Remember, the prognosis of your GP might not always be right. There are certain instances where your doctor might perform a misdiagnosis.

Aside from your doctor’s medical report, you may also want to consider getting assessed by a private consultant.

Not Tracking Financial Losses

When it comes to personal injury claims, evidence is extremely important. You need to prove that the accident truly happened and that your injuries were caused by another person’s negligence or recklessness. Plus, you should be able to prove the damages for which you’re requesting compensation. Keep all receipts or send them to your attorney.

Not Telling Your Doctor Your Symptoms

Don’t hide anything from your doctor. Tell them everything about your health. This will help you to get maximum compensation for your injuries. If your attorney sends you to a doctor, and you fail to disclose all of your symptoms you might not be able to get maximum compensation for your injuries.

Medical reports document the extent of your injuries and your potential of recovering from them. So, be sure to disclose everything to your medical practitioner.

Not Disclosing Your Mental and Psychological Injuries

Don’t be shy to tell your doctor and lawyer about any mental or psychological injuries you sustained. Psychological trauma isn’t something you should be worried about. This isn’t something you should be worried about. Over the past years, mental health has been given much greater recognition. So, don’t be afraid to talk about it.

Talk to your attorney about any psychological side effects you have experienced. If necessary, you may also want to consider sharing this information with a medical specialist.

Admitting Liability

Insurance companies will look for any excuse to diminish your claims. In particular, they will want you to make mistakes to deny you claims. For instance, saying sorry at the scene can be a huge mistake. Remember, the party may record you. Thus, don’t say sorry. Allow the court process to proceed. Let your lawyer represent you. The work of the court is to determine who is liable for the accident.

How To Increase Your Injury Claim Settlement

It will be a joy to receive the best settlement, right? Well, then it’s important to be very careful when applying for personal injury claims. You need to be very meticulous with the way you fill out the forms. Avoid committing obvious mistakes. Get a good legal expert. Use the following tips and tricks to increase your odds of getting a better settlement.

Where Did the Injury Occur? 

No insurance company will pay you willingly. They will try to take you in circles. Remember, these are business establishments. They will do everything to deny your claims. Thus, its important to gather all the required evidence. They will conduct their own investigations. This includes going through your medical history. If they find loopholes, things can be challenging. However, a good lawyer knows how to corner insurance companies.

In most cases, your insurance company will hire a private investigator. This investigator will monitor you. He/she will visit your place of work and ask questions. Commonly, a private investigator may entice you into engaging in physical activities. Don’t fall into this trap. Never carry heavy objects.

It’s worth noting that private investigators come with concealed tape recorders. They will interview you cunningly. They will also interview relatives and other acquaintances. Don’t discuss anything with anybody. If you have to discuss details regarding your case, do it with your lawyer.

Speak with your lawyer. Explain to him/her your condition. If you have pre-existing conditions or injuries, be sure to disclose them to your lawyer. Don’t conceal details regarding your case. They can diminish your overall claims.

Previous Doctors

Have the names of all doctors who have attended to your injuries. Remember, your insurance company will carry out investigations. They will try to establish the number of doctors who have treated you in the past. This is aimed at making it look like you had preexisting injuries or conditions. This can reduce your settlement.  Remember, another insurance company can obtain your information from another insurance company. Thus, it’s important to disclose all details regarding your medical history. Let the lawyer figure out how to handle this information.

Be Open with Your Doctor

There is nothing wrong with telling your doctor about your condition. Thus, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to disclose your medical history. Remember, the doctor will write a report based on the information he/she obtains from you.


Keep all records. This includes the medications you took. Don’t throw away any prescriptions. Save all bottles of medications you took. Don’t dispose of medication containers. They are important parts of your case. Thus, whether it’s over-the-counter medications or doctor-prescribed medications, it’s important to keep track of these records. Items like crutches, neck braces, and bandages can strengthen your case. Also, keep items such as canes and splints.


During the healing process, you will have a few complaints as well as limitations. This is especially true when it comes to physical activities. Do you find it difficult to engage in certain physical activities? Keep a daily of these things. You can use this dairy when making your submissions before a court of law.

Future Witnesses

Personal injuries will have a lasting effect on your life. Thus, you should now think about people who will testify. From family members to colleagues, you will need these future witnesses in your case. They will act like future witnesses and testify about your suffering, disability, and condition.


Inform your attorney about your planned vacations. This will help him/her organize his schedule. You should also give your attorney an emergency number. Remember, communication is a key aspect when applying for claims. You can also give your attorney an emergency email address.

Embrace Patience

Claims can take months. In some cases, they can take up to a year. It depends on the court process. Thus, it’s advisable to be patient. Let the process take its course. Your work is to cooperate with your lawyer. The rest will be decided by the court.

Understand state Statute of Limitation

Personal injury claims are bound by strict timelines. They must be handled and settled within specific timelines. Thus, it’s important to adhere to these timelines. Avoid violating these timelines. Ask your lawyer about these statutes of limitations.

Key Takeaway

Don’t let personal injuries overwhelm you. Of course, life will change. However, compensation will help you lead a good life. Thus, hire a good legal mind. Choose the best lawyer in town. Look at the experience of that lawyer. Check his/her certification. With a good lawyer, you can be sure of getting the right compensation. Also, don’t make mistakes when applying for claims. Gather all relevant evidence. Follow all the required steps. Embrace patience. Manage expectations.

The Bottom-Line

Diligence is a key aspect when litigating auto accident cases. You should be very meticulous. Don’t make simple mistakes. They can ruin your case. Don’t fail to hire the right attorney. Avoid admitting responsibility. Stay out of social media. Follow the doctor’s instructions. Don’t make the above mistakes if you want the best from your personal injury case. 

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