How To Apply for Divorce in Galveston Texas? 

The divorce process is overwhelming. It will require many things to be taken care of by both the parties. Hence, couples who are planning to call quits on their marital life will look for help from the divorce attorneys so that their case will not feel as overwhelming as it should be. 

Tad Nelson & Associates is a group of Galveston divorce attorneys that can handle all kinds of legal cases such as child custody, property division, guardianship of a child, divorce cases, and so on. You can find the right lawyer to handle your divorce case systematically by visiting the official webpage. 

Divorce Arrangement in Galveston 

Here are some of the methods of arranging for divorce. 

  • Divorce with a lawyer 

The lawyers will prepare for the right way of marriage dissolution, and other such case peculiarities when you hire them to represent your divorce case. They will handle all kinds of paperwork and other such requirements as needed for handling the case from your end. 

  • DIY divorce 

This is the process where the involved parties can handle their divorce case without the involvement of any attorney. 

  • Divorce mediation 

Mediation, as the name says, is an alternative for handling the dispute systematically. Both the parties are made to settle their differences so that they come to a common ground and agreement. Here, a mediator will be involved as a neutral third party. 

  • Unbundled legal services 

Here, the unbundled attorney will be the right choice. This option has limited scope and in turn, increases the work of the client, but can help them save some money in the process. 

  • Collaborative divorce 

Here, the main goal of both the spouses is to come up with an amicable solution that can work in both their favor. Here, both spouses will hire their lawyers to help them work through their case. 

Residency requirements 

Before applying for divorce in Galveston, you need to fulfill some requirements as set by the family court laws. They are listed below. 

  • The spouse should be a resident of this place. 
  • The spouse should at least reside in this place for the past 90 days. 
  • Both the parties should understand the best way of dividing the properties, debts, and so on. 
  • They should even understand how to handle the visitation, custody, and so on. 

Once everything is decided, the couples can proceed with their idea of nullifying their marital status. The Galveston attorneys will help you in this process. 

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