How to a Choose a Medium Density Fiberboard for your Finishing Work

Medium-density fibreboard is a composite of wood waste by-products that is milled to a strong, smooth, and consistent finished wood product ideal for home and office works like furniture, floor, and cabinets.

This article will focus on medium-density fiberboard as an alternative product to home and professional projects to produce a state of the art decor finish that is reliable and modern.

Due to the increased cost and demand for fine wood, wood technologies have evolved and embarked on recycling wood by-products to come up with turf, sturdy, classy, reliable, efficient, and affordable wood finish for both home and commercial use. Below are some considerations to make when shopping for wood finishes for your project.

Type and material

Wood furnish panels come in different sizes and thickness depending on the user requirements and specifications for different project needs. Therefore, it is ideal to match an mdf board type with its intended use. For instance, the exterior grade for exterior works is turf to moisture, humidity, water, termites, and rust-resistant, while the interior grade for interior works can not withstand humidity and moisture extremes.

Cost and Durability

It is advisable to match your wood furnish type with your needs and the overall weighted cost against durability. The durability of any product is a factor of its quality, use, and exposure to the external environment. Always shop for reliable, affordable, and cost-efficient boards that will serve you for more extended periods with little maintenance and replacement.


Board density determines its sturdiness, quality, and lifespan. Standard density grade is made of synthetic adhesive resin with wood fiber; it is soft and widely used for creative purposes like molding works and routing. The medium-density grade is made of wood fibres and wax or resin binders; it is more robust and prone to high moisture content, therefore, ideal for internal works. The high-density grade is of high quality, and it is made up of more softwood fibres that are fully stacked together; it is sturdy and ideal for both exterior and interior finishes.


The quality of any product dictates its longevity and its ability to withstand different environmental conditions over time.All products should pass a designated quality mark that suits a specific quality criterion. It is important too to master the quality of joints between the wood fibre joints. It is, therefore, paramount to choose certified furnishing products that are efficient, safe, reliable, durable, and match your home or commercial needs.

Physical observation

Fine wood fibre has a smooth finish on its physical presentation that is bubble-free. Its color finish is also uniform and provides a smooth shining surface; therefore, choose a furnishing wood fibre with a consistent color and a smooth finish.


With the increased cost of wood products, finished wood by-products can be alternatively used for project finishes. However, it is good to match your project needs with the type of wood furnish based on quality, reliability, efficiency, sturdiness, cost, material, and its ability to serve you for a more extended period of time. Check mdf board suppliers in Kenya.

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