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How often should you clean your carpets with a steam cleaning machine?

One question which homeowners usually ask is how long can they go between steam cleans for their carpet? Well, it depends! But there are some loose instructions that you can consider ensuring that your carpet is in its best condition.

A general rule of thumb

As per the rule of thumb, you should get your carpets professionally cleaned every year or twice if they track too much dirt. This way you can get a good, deep cleaning and there will be no dirt build-up. Make sure you vacuum it twice a week to keep it clean between the two steam cleaning periods.

When you own pets

Pets drop a lot of furs while walking, sitting, or cleaning. Hence, with pets, you may have to vacuum thrice a week and as far as steam cleaning is concerned, it should be done two to three times a year.

If you have a busy home

If there are too many people in your home, especially kids, then things can get a lot dirtier. So, you will need frequent cleaning. Make sure you deep steam clean your carpet two or three times a year to keep your carpets in good condition.

When moving

Often people inquire about steam cleaning their carpets before moving. Well yes! You should steam clean the carpets before moving and provide the new owner with the receipt as proof that you have done it. It is not mandatory to do that but just good etiquette and your way to leave your beautiful home in its best condition. 

Spot cleaning

Spot cleaning your carpet is needed if there has been a spill issue. You may not be due for a steam cleaning and everything is in good form, then what should you do? Well, firstly, remove all debris from your carpet’s surface and then blot with a dry cloth to wipe out any liquid if it’s still there. Move the material to the clean parts with every press. Make sure you press down firmly so that it may absorb the stain as much as possible. 

Then make use of a cleaning product and clean the spot with it. You can test on a small part to find out if it bleaches. However, if you notice any stain or spot, and you are due for steam cleaning, then it is the right time to do it. 

Do not leave the spot for a long time as the more it stays on the carpet, the more it damages the fibers.

So, if you are in need of a steam clean, then hire the best carpet cleaner for yourself. Canada Clean Home offers domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services. You can choose them for expert steam cleaning. The cleaners have the best state-of-the-art technology and training to offer you top-notch steam cleaning at the best prices. So, book an appointment today and get your carpets cleaned proficiently by the best carpet cleaner to maintain their freshness, new look and good odor.

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