How can a blood test help you detect early symptoms of infertility?

Are you and your husband planning to have a baby, but you’re not able to do so? You will likely think of getting pregnancy tests done. Experts will say that it is time to visit a doctor if you have been intimidated without birth control pills. You and your partner must visit a clinic and get tests done at path labs in Jalandhar

How does your doctor test infertility? 

When you visit a doctor, he will ask you questions about your lifestyle and health. Your health expert wants to know things about you and your spouse. Expect the following questions to get asked by the doctor. 

  • Medical history that includes surgeries and long-term health records
  • Medicines abode by you and your partner
  • Do you take cigarettes or drink alcohol? Do you eat or drink things mixed with caffeine?
  • Do you take illicit drugs?
  • Did you have contact with toxins, chemicals, or radiation at home?

Your doctor may ask questions about your pregnancy. Expect the following questions to get asked by the doctor. 

  • How often did you have periods last year?
  • Did you have missed and irregular periods? Based on your condition, your doctor may ask you to get the blood test done at path labs in Jalandhar. 

What are the infertility tests done at path labs in Jalandhar?

In terms of fertility tests, it is worth noting that there is nothing like all blood test fits all. Likewise, your doctor may use a variety of means to check factors that may cause infertility problems. 

Your doctor may ask you to go for a urine test to check how your LH hormone works. He may ask you to check levels of progesterone hormones in the blood. You can get thyroid blood tests done online in Jalandhar. 

A doctor may ask you to get other tests done. You may get a blood test done to check the levels of FSH or follicle-stimulating hormone. In women, FSH triggers ovaries to release an egg each month. It is worth knowing that high FSH means low fertility. It is better to go for an FSH blood test online Jalandhar. A health expert may advise you to go for Clomiphene citrate challenge testing alongside an FSH blood test. 

You may need to go for a blood test to check the AMH hormone. AMH levels give you an idea of how well your ovaries function. In a short span, AMH has turned out to be a gold standard for fertility tests. 

A lower AMH count means lower egg production, which indicates that the success ratio of IVF fertilization is low. 

Hormone prolactin is secreted by the pituitary gland and is responsible for milk production. It gets done at path labs in Jalandhar in the evaluation of infertility. 

The health expert may ask you to go for an androgen test. 

If you get diagnosed with PCOS, it’s better to go for an androgen blood test online Jalandhar. For more info, visit our lab today.

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