Heine offers a variety of high-waisted bikini bottoms, hats and accessories

The elevated waistband, which in all high-waist versions either conceals or reaches just below the navel, unites all bikini bottoms. High-waisted bikini bottoms can have a sporty or very feminine retro appeal depending on the style and height of the leg cut. Shop now on Heine

If you have a more feminine, curvy body and want to know that your buttocks and hips are adequately “wrapped,” for example, a model with cropped legs might be quite attractive. Bikini bottoms with high waists also come in a wide range of colours and patterns, with solid-colored models being just as much a part of their selection as patterned or slightly structured options.

The women’s hat as a fashion statement: Stay well-protected

It’s been demonstrated by the twentieth-century fashion icons. Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, and Cameron Diaz at the moment are all notable examples. They have already done it, together with other women. Women that are fashionable will wear hats and do so casually.

Hats always look good, whether they are sophisticated with a wide brim like Audrey, androgynous in dandy style like Coco, punk like Adyness, or athletic like Cameron. Chic hats are now being worn by an increasing number of contemporary style icons. Even combinations that originally seem fairly incongruous, like a wool cap in the heat, repeatedly demonstrate their wearability. 

Hats are not only incredibly fashionable, but also very useful. Hats are practical and stylish, serving as sun protection, warmth, or to cover up a “poor hair day.” A glance at the Heine online store reveals the extensive selection of hat styles for every preference, from extravagant to appropriate for daily usage.

With so many options, which hat suits you best?

Finding your own personal style that works for you is crucial, just like with any form of clothes. A lot of people initially think hats are strange. It’s crucial to put on the hat with assurance and ease. It can only be a part of the ensemble in this way. After all, you don’t want to appear like the ladies at Ascot, who draw attention with their hat designs, in everyday life.

Finding a hat that matches your measurements is crucial for finding one that is appropriate. Large hats with wide brims look good on elegant women. When the hat matches the outfit, it lengthens the wearer; when the hat contrasts with the outfit, the wearer appears shorter.

A hat worn at an angle helps you appear thinner by creating a diagonal line. Summer hats should be light, and straw hats are common. They can also be decorated with a ribbon or flowers.

Hats in the Heine online store are stylish, sporty, or whimsical

The Heine online store has a wide variety of various hats available for browsing. Complete outfits are on exhibit with the headgear. Hats can also be directly tried on and tested with other clothes with the help of the creative Mix’n Match function. This is a useful approach to find ideas and recommendations.

Of course, the store also has items from other well-known brands, including Seeberger, Eddie Bauer, and Alba Moda, some of which are currently marked down significantly. It’s worth checking out the Heine online store to restock your wardrobe with fresh eye-catchers.

From long to short, there are many lovely necklaces to choose from

Do you prefer wearing plain knit sweaters, solid-colored cotton blouses, or subdued jersey dresses to the office? The necklace is then free to cross the line. Minimalist designs are eye-catching when worn with short, vividly ornamented statement chains that are embellished with coloured gemstones, pearls, glass components, feathers, amulets, or cords.

Simple jewellery looks great with a silk shirt with a cowl neckline, a vividly patterned blouse, or both. Short, filigree necklaces with fine zirconia stones in gold, silver, or rose gold expertly attract attention to your top.

A little advice: Tops with a V-neckline or waterfall collar look best when worn with narrow, long necklaces. Simple pendant necklaces with delicate chains highlight your décolleté.

Purchase chains, from wood to silver

There are no restrictions on the type of material for women’s chains. The classics in the jewellery box are still made of gold and silver, but more and more strange items made of wood, cork, or metal are being added. These days, even leather and plastic are highly favoured.

Anyone who struggles to make a decision relies on a fashionable combination of materials. What about a golden necklace with a silver chain weaved into it, for instance? Why not try something different and adorn your neck with a leather strap made of vibrant glass beads? Or why not add a trendy metal and synthetic blend to your brand-new shirt?

This is how you can make your wrist the centre of attention.

Without a doubt, your smartphone also shows the time. But who wants to constantly fumble around in their handbag for their phone? Their stylish women’s wristwatches let you add classy embellishments to your wrist as well. 

No matter if you’re in a conference, on the playground with the kids, or have a front-row ticket at the evening theatre reserved, their models are eye-catching and always fit. Heine offers both all-purpose watches and timepieces for certain events.

Heine’s timepieces for women are true treasures. Why not pair one of their statement-making necklaces, collars, or exquisite finger rings by renowned designers with a delicate metal bracelet? Avoid donning silver and gold jewellery at the same time.

Show off your style, whether it’s snazzy or chic!

You adore sarcastic accents Then browse our enormous selection of timepieces with patterned and colourful leather and textile straps. Best eye-catchers can be found at Heine, including colourful dials with floral themes, eye-catching accents, and whimsical dials. Or do you choose filigree jewellery in warm rose gold and chilly silver? Do you want a quartz, solar, or multipurpose watch? No wish is unfulfilled with Heine. You can purchase wristwatches at Heine while lounging on your couch.

A new watch will complete your personal appearance! For instance, masculine multifunction timepieces go well with jeans and sneakers. If you’re bold, you might also go to work in courtship and a pencil skirt while sporting the models with the distinctive casings.

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