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Guide To Viewing & Downloading Instagram Stories

Instagram is a hub to social activities. It is the best platform to put up all your moments to share it with your audience. In no time has Instagram gained immense popularity and attention. It allows you to view and cherish happy moments of every person’s daily life. You can see what your friend is upto right now from their stories. Instagram stories are a treat to watch. With everyone uploading amazing content on IG stories it has become the most fun and popular feature of Instagram. But these Instagram stories have a time limit to them. Being time bound you cannot see these stories posted 24 hours. In order to view these stories after that you need to save them. Instagram offers certain options to save your own story as highlights or the gallery also. But this is not the scene when it comes to someone else’s story. You cannot download any other person’s Instagram story. Now what do you do in such a case? Simple you use StoriesIG.

What is StoriesIG?

StoriesIG is an online service to help you download any person’s story on a single click directly into your gallery. Yes you read that right! StoriesIG is a third-party application powered through AI that supports download of Instagram stories from any public account or an account that you follow. The App is platform independent and works on all devices, so now you can be using iphone or android you can use StoriesIG. The app is free of cost which is the best part. All you need for the download is the username of the person whose story you want to download. Just download the App from App store, Playstore or access the software from the official website of StoriesIG.

Why choose StoriesIG?

StoriesIG is a safe to use and legal software enabling story downloads everywhere on every device. StoriesIG supports download of stories only from public accounts or accounts that you follow, it respects the privacy of private accounts and hence is absolutely legal to use. The app conceals your identity, so you can watch and download stories without the other person knowing.

How to download Instagram stories?

Step 1: Download StoriesIG from play store or App Store for your android or iOS or access the software on StoriesIG website.

Step 2: Install the app and launch the StoriesIG app on your device. StoriesIG works on phone, tablets, PC or laptop.

Step 3: Navigate to Tips for Instagram Stories story downloader and enter the username of the person whose Instagram story you want to download in the field provided. In order to get an accurate person’s story, copy their username from Instagram or choose the account from the list provided by StoriesIG based on the username you entered.

Step 4: Click ‘ok’. Instazoom displays to you all the stories posted by that user for those 24 hours.

Step 5: Click on the story to view it anonymously, this helps you view any person’s story anonymously without being listed on the viewers list in Instagram. Click on the download button over the story to download it directly into your gallery.

Other Story Downloader options?

Instagram Stories are intended to be used for short-term content. Once you have uploaded your videos and photos to the app, they will only be available for a limited amount of time. Many people find this to be the most frustrating aspect of Instagram stories, which are normally only available for 24 hours. In order to download Instagram Stories, a number of programs have been developed, one of which is The Story Downloader. IG Stories may be downloaded anonymously using this app, which is an excellent alternative to StoriesIG and offers a variety of useful features. Use to download Instagram stories to your phone, computer, or tablet and save them for a longer period of time, thereby allowing you to keep them forever.

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