Ghost Adventure Locations: Halloween Activities Across the US

Spooky season is approaching. If you’re an avid Halloween lover, you’re not alone! In fact, Halloween is the third favorite holiday in the United States. Who doesn’t love thrilling ghost stories, trick-or-treating for yummy candies, vampires, and fun costumes?

If you’re a true Halloween lover, the idea of a ghost tour probably sounds intriguing. If so, then keep reading to explore the best destinations to find ghost tours and all types of activities that celebrate Halloween across the United States.

Go on a ghost tour.

What better way is there to get into the spooky spirit than by checking out some of the most haunted places across the United States.? The great news is that there are tons of ghost adventures locations so you can find hauntings wherever you’re located. For example, you can find haunted locations in states like New York, Nevada, Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Arkansas, and Idaho.

While that’s just naming a few locations you can check out, you can focus on the experience that you’ll get from Ghost Adventures so you can enjoy thrilling stories on the United States’ most haunted cities. The Ghost Adventures team are locals who are historians that know about paranormal activity and paranormal investigation.

So, whether you’re ready to hear about an evil entity, a shadow figure, a bloody battle, the terrifying stories of the Ohio State Reformatory, or a haunted hotel, you can trust you’ll get the ghostly experiences that will make this Halloween the most memorable yet.

Try out other terrifying tours.

Ghost tours are a great way to kick off Halloween. However, there are other kinds of tours that are well-equipped to give you some frights this year. Consider a vampire or voodoo tour in New Orleans. Or, check out an old army base like Fort Horsted where there was surely tons of bloody battle and death.

On the other hand, maybe a ghost town bar crawl is more your speed. Whatever the case, there are many different dark and unusual places to visit that possess their share of havoc and fear.

Check for haunted houses.

While the other kind of haunted house is more literally, another Halloween tradition that many love is going to haunted houses where you pay to get scared by various characters as you navigate a maze, house, or maybe even a castle or prison! Crew members do their best work trying to follow you, spook you, or make you run for your life in fear.

Check out this list of some of the best haunted house attractions across the United States so you can choose one to visit during this seasonal time. In turn, you’ll surely be in the Halloween spirit and likely frightened for the rest of the night, too.

Visit a pumpkin patch for the family.

Maybe all of these ideas are a bit too scary for you and your family. If you are in the group of people who love Halloween but don’t necessarily love the feeling of running for your life from a haunted house, sleepless nights worried about the ghosts you encountered on a ghost tour, or other ominous parts of the holiday, then you’re in luck! There are still some incredible ways to celebrate Halloween and fall.

One idea is to head to a pumpkin patch that has huge pumpkins, apple cider donuts, corn mazes, and maybe even some fun tractor rides that will have you and your kiddos smiling from ear to ear. This is a more family-friendly way to celebrate the Halloween season that won’t leave you or your children scarred from an intense ghost tour or haunted house adventure.

No matter which idea works best for you, by choosing just one, you’re committing to kicking off the Halloween season with spirit.

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