Fasten your fat loose process with Fitmart DE and These tips

At the latest when the warm months are approaching again, many trainees think about losing unnecessary body fat. Others have found their way into training because the fat loss was their main goal from the start. Bodybuilders, on the other hand, repeatedly go through phases of calorie-reduced diets in which fat is to be broken down. In addition to the training factor, a well-planned diet and supplements by Fitmart play a key role in the successful course of a diet.

However, if you reduce your meals and thus the calories, you quickly run the risk of not consuming enough important nutrients. It is, therefore, all the more important to prepare a diet well thought out and then to approach it with patience and enough time. How weight loss is crowned with success, which aspects have to be considered, and which supplements by Fitmart have a supporting effect on this path – here you will get the answer.

Why is it important to lose fat?

There are countless diets out there and anyone can probably easily name at least a handful. As diverse as the approaches may be, they all have one thing in common: they are based on a negative energy balance. In plain language, this means that fewer calories are consumed than expended over a certain period. This creates the basis for fat loss to occur.

Such a negative energy balance can be achieved if less food is consumed than the body needs to maintain the current weight. Viewed differently, it can also mean that more calories must be consumed than the body takes in with the meals. It is important to know that fat serves as an energy store for the organism. If less energy now migrates into the body via nutrition, it mobilizes these reserves and begins to break them down.

It’s not a question of starving yourself when it comes to reducing body fat it turns out to be counterproductive. When the organism receives the signal that it is being supplied with significantly less energy than usual, it slows down the fat-burning processes and tries to work more sparingly. The unwanted side effect is that existing muscle mass is lost as the body uses it to obtain important amino acids. Crash diets for fat loss are therefore not effective. A slow, calorie-reduced, and yet as nutritious diet as possible in combination with exercise, on the other hand, and supplements by Fitmart does.

Measure it correctly

There are various methods for measuring body fat percentage, which vary in their accuracy and thus their informative value. Everyone should be familiar with body fat carts that show the percentage of fat in addition to the weight. This method is also known as bio-impedance analysis and means that this procedure works via an electrical resistance. Not noticeable to humans, it is sent through the body. Because fat has poorer conductivity than muscle, it also has a higher resistance. In this way, the scales make a statement about how high the fat content is.

However, this value should only be considered with reservations. As a rule, the scales are not able to conduct electricity through the entire body, but mainly through the lower area – the abdominal fat is hardly taken into account. For even more precise findings, a body fat scale is required that not only measures the feet but also uses hand sensors. Various factors can also influence the result. 

Some tips to fasten your process

As already mentioned, the calorie balance plays a decisive role in reducing body fat. For this reason, nutrition has an essential influence and can be controlled accordingly to promote weight loss. There are good reasons to reduce the number of carbohydrates. After all, they ensure an increase in blood sugar levels, which the hormone insulin has to bring back to normal. It breaks down the ingested carbohydrates into sugars and then sends them into the blood. There they reach the organs and muscles. This is a sign for the body to store energy. This shuts down fat burning.

But carbohydrates should not be avoided completely. For example, it makes sense to include them in moderate amounts in meals and supplements by Fitmart before and after strength training. In this way, the body initially receives sufficient energy and replenishes its stores with the meal after the workout. An increased protein intake helps to maintain the existing muscles.

Sport is recommended to everyone anyway to boost fat loss. endurance training (check out the fitmart’s collection now) increases calorie consumption and causes the body to use its stored reserves. A targeted muscle build-up also promotes the reduction of unwanted fat: the more muscle there is, the higher the calorie consumption.

Metabolism and its short-term effects

Various metabolic processes take place in the human organism. One of them is fat metabolism, which is to be understood as a cycle in which fats are first digested and then utilized. Fat is an important source of energy for the body. So are carbohydrates. However, they differ from fat in that they can only be stored to a limited extent.

If the body is now subjected to a load, it has to expend energy to do so. He gets these from both carbohydrates and fat. However, the intensity depends on which energy source is used more. Hardly any oxygen is available during heavy exertion, so carbohydrates are particularly important. Less stress allows for a sufficient supply of oxygen, with the help of which fat is preferentially broken down. It has previously been broken down into individual fatty acids. Since the body only stores carbohydrates as glycogen to a limited extent, after a certain time the fat metabolism has to provide the necessary energy.

At the beginning of a workout, carbohydrates are the main source of energy 

A controlled diet enables more fat to be broken down in a targeted manner. Finally, if you eat a carbohydrate-rich meal shortly before an endurance session, you fill up your stores and fewer stored fats are required. To ensure that this does not happen and that the fat metabolism produces the desired effect, carbohydrates should be avoided for about two hours before endurance training. Accordingly, the body is forced to get its energy from fats. The situation is different with very demanding workouts such as strength training: targeted carbohydrates make sense there. Also, you must check out Fitmart DE Site to get the best health supplements. 

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