Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Ice Cube Maker

An ice cube maker machine is a device mainly involved in producing small cubes of ice used in cooling drinks on the spot. The machine is used primarily for short cooling drinks in places without refrigerators.

The following article will give insight into the things considered when buying an ice cube maker machine. It will provide the most suitable approach to making the most informed decision.

The process of buying any product can be a bit hectic. It is the case with this ice cube maker machine. The buyer not only needs to keenly observe the main features of the machine but also the longevity of the device.

Most devices are for home use and use at restaurants and bars. They also come in handy during road trips.

The following features should be the game-changing facets to consider:


It is one of the most crucial factors to consider. It mainly determines the location of use of the machine. Those meant for home use will usually be small-sized and hold up to 26 liters of water to be converted to ice cubes. The larger ones are critical in business due to the large numbers served. Business owners will buy more machines to supply the high demand that comes with owning a business.


It is also highly significant, especially for business purposes. A high turnover is needed to keep a business running for extended periods. The tiny machines usually have a low turnover of about nine cubes per cycle and 8 minutes required for each cycle, which comes to about 12 kilograms per 24 hours.


The ice cube maker machine price in Kenya is determined by the seller involved. One should ensure they get the best deal after consulting with multiple sellers. After careful consideration, a buyer will ensure they get the features mentioned earlier for the least amount of money paid.

Noise levels

The amount of noise the machine makes can be a nag if in excess. Most of the time, outdated versions of devices will be highly noisy due to the backward level of technology utilized in the manufacturing process. The more modern ones are highly equipped with modern parts that are less noisy and therefore less hectic to handle.

Power supply

It is an essential factor for all electrical devices. Some devices will require a direct power feed from outlets, while others require batteries to run them. It is the case with these ice cube maker machines. They mostly get their power from external batteries, while others have in-built batteries that can be charged. Others will require electrical outlets to run.


It is vital to have some degree of mobility. Most ice cube maker machines are highly portable due to their weight. They are light in weight and can quickly move from one location to another. It is even more convenient if the ice cube maker machine has an in-built battery or if it uses external batteries.


The ice cube maker machine should be made out of material with highly insulating capacities. It ensures that the ice does not melt quickly due to external temperatures. The outer covering is made out of plastic with perforations to allow ventilation to take place.


We can conclude that deciding to buy an ice cube-making machine is not so easy due to the vast array of factors to be looked at.

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