Esports Betting Strategies

Even if you have a black belt in eSports or you remember every second of all the matches of your favorite team, this is unlikely to save you from unsuccessful bets.

All professional bettors sometimes lose, but they don’t complain because they know the secret of how to quickly recoup and earn even more on bets: you need to stick to the betting strategy.


This is the simplest strategy: we bet only on a certain part of the bank – the money that was allocated for betting on site “Flat” can be different: either some fixed amount, or a percentage of the starting or total bank. Let’s look at examples:

Fixed amount. We decide to spend exactly one hundred rubles on each bet, and from that moment on we bet not a penny more, not less, no matter how big or small the bank is;

Percentage of the starting bank. We replenish the account in the office for three thousand rubles and count 2% from them – it turns out sixty rubles. Now we put only them, no matter how much money we have in the account;

Percentage of the total bank. We decide to bet 2% of the pot. At first it’s sixty rubles, but we win, we lose, we replenish the account again and withdraw money – the bank changes, and 2% each time also turns out to be different.

The advantage of “Flat” over the game without a strategy is that we do not succumb to the temptation and do not spend more than we should, therefore the money disappears not so quickly. But with such tactics, we only save and do not progress at all. We need to fix this.


This is the most popular progressive strategy. Its essence is that after each lost bet, we spend so much money on the next one to cover the losses and earn more – increasing the size of the bet is progress.

For example, we put “Flat” one hundred rubles per team, but it loses. We choose the following bet: the coefficient on it is 1.75, which means that we need to bet at least one hundred and twenty rubles in order to get 120 × 1.75−100−100=10 rubles net.

In addition to this option, there are other types of catch-up, the most profitable of which is the classic one, usually called the Martingale strategy. The point is that you need to bet on a coefficient of at least 2, and double the bet exactly.

Any catch-up will be win-win, especially if you have a limitless bank, and bookmakers do not cut the maximums. The problem is that if you get a series of several defeats, then you will have to spend not a hundred rubles, but a dozen or two times more. The office may decide that you are too successful a player and simply rob it, and prohibit betting more than a certain amount, and you just need to put it. This is where you lose money.

To prevent this from happening, before betting on catch-up, you need to read the bookmaker’s rules about maximums (limits) and the reviews of other players about this.


If after a few catch-up bets we still win back, then with this strategy we are always in the black. The bottom line is that we bet on opposite outcomes in different offices, depending on where the coefficient is higher. (Opposite outcomes are, for example, the victory of the first team, a draw and the victory of the second.)

To make such bets, you can learn to deal with two formulas to understand if we really have a surebet and how much to bet on each outcome:

1) B=1÷K1+1÷K2, where B is the value of the surebet, and K are the odds for each outcome. If the value is less than one, it is indeed a fork;

2) P=(1÷K÷B)×C, where P is the size of the bet, K is the coefficient on the outcome, B is the value of the surebet, and C is the sum of all bets that we are willing to spend on the surebet.

And you can use any online arb calculator or even a service that itself looks for differences in odds and offers the most profitable ones. Many of these services are free, and for the purchase of paid options, they find more surebets from a larger number of bookmakers. However, it is still difficult to find surebets for esports automatically.

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