Elliott wave theory in forex trading

The basis of Elliott Wave Forex Theory is simple. In the early 1920s, Ralph Nelson Elliott discovered that stock markets traded in predictable cycles rather than randomly. 

Elliott Wave’s predictions demonstrated that market cycles are directly related to the prevalent psychology of the masses at the time and the response of investors to the outside factors.

Following this, Elliot discovered that the rise and fall of mass psychology were always manifested in the same repetitive patterns, which he dubbed ‘waves.’

Elliott’s theory involves ‘waves,’ and each wave is a fractal component. For example, an ‘Impulse Wave’ typically derived from a significant/popular trend always shows five other swells within its pattern; each wave within that pattern also shows five other waves within it, and so on in an infinite loop.


A fractal is a non ending style that repeats itself repeatedly, becoming similar on different scales; furthermore, fractals are mathematical patterns that repeat indefinitely. Because Elliott discovered these patterns or waves in the market, he developed a method for forecasting the market itself.

Today, we accept Elliott’s Wave Theory; however, the scientists of his time denied him recognition for his wave theory due to the principles and evidence he had based it on.

Way to Use Elliott Wave Theory to Trade Forex

Forex trading is listed as the most complex, yet lucrative, area of finance. As international trade becomes more intertwined, the currency relationship are must be defined. Also it is understood by business owners and market analysts.

Elliott Wave Forex Theory Application

Elliott Wave Theory, prices move in five patterns, and a five-way rise will be followed by a three-way fall in an upward trend. A three-way rise will follow a five-way fall in a downward direction. 

The five-way patterns are called impulse waves, while the three-way patterns are called corrective waves, and the cost increase in the premature wave is in phase one of the uptrend.  Learn more about the hotforex to get more information. 

It is the point at which investors expect the trend to reverse. This results in a negative denominator for the prices.

How to Trade with Elliott Waves?

To get started, create an account. You will be given free access to a demo account where you can practice with virtual funds.

Increase your understanding of technical analysis strategies. The Elliott Wave is also related to Fibonacci, the Dow, and other technical theories.

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Don’t overlook risk-management tools. Stop-loss orders are standard tools for minimizing capital loss on unsuccessful trades.


The goal of applying the Elliott Wave Theory rules and guidelines is to determine where the market is in the overall structure right now and what portion of that motion they are most likely to capture.

Elliott identifies each of these smaller wave patterns as different degrees in his Elliott Wave Theory predictions, but scientists did not accept or recognize fractals until much later.

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