Effective Tips to Make Your Blog Post to Engage

In the modern diverse reality, the unserious perspective on bloggers is wrong. If 10 years ago it could still be considered an activity for fun, nowadays that point of view is proven wrong. Blogging is a powerful marketing tool to attract traffic to your page on social media. 

Of course, it has to be cool and has to interest the reader: the content of the blog has to be original to “cling” the reader. Here are some tips you need to know to make your blog post engaging and captivating.

Post quotes

This is an undeniable fact that can be verified simply by visiting some of the most liked posts on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks, especially if the quote is from an influencer. Whether you sell services online or write an informative blog, posting quotes is inspiring and encouraging for the readers. 

Why is this type of content so popular on both social media and blogs? Instead of negative content like news or politics, people are turning to the online world for inspiration and positivity. Remember to always credit the authors of the quotes wherever you cite them. 

Write guest posts

Let us firstly understand what guest posting is. Guest posting is writing content for another blog for it to gain recognition and expand your audience even further. Ideally, content writers strive to write for large blogs that get a lot of traffic and have thousands of readers or subscribers.

The good thing about this type of content is that you are more likely to get traffic from the author, and they will get backlinks in return. You can get experts and high-traffic blog owners to write a guest post for your page, you expect a huge spike in traffic.

Do interviews

Interviews are a genre that existed since the advent of the media and even before. Be it in print, on the Internet or on video, interviews are usually a captivating and mesmerizing kind of information: they give the reader the impression that they are talking to the interviewed person themselves. The effectiveness of interview content is proven by the number of views and engagements. 

This way of engaging your readers may come to be pricey, but you can always apply to funds like the European funding network, which will have your back in these kinds of initiatives. 

Conduct surveys and questionnaires

What is great for engagement of followers and readers are surveys and questionnaires. In the comments section of any site users love to share their opinions, attitudes and habits. When you write surveys and questionnaires, you can verify if people read your content and it is more probable to get more followers by that kind of interaction with other people. And when analyzing the surveys, it is common to take notes in meetings that may serve when making strategic decisions. 

Create “how-to” posts

“How-to’’ posts are called evergreen content and are considered vast traffic drivers and many popular blogs use this technique to gain more followers and subscribers. How posts are engaging and attract users to read or watch that content as they like to learn something in a simple way or step by step. 


One of your channels of communication with the audience is the blog and underestimating this tool is not right and unprofessional. If you manage your blog correctly, it will bring you a great audience and a part of it can become customers.

Blogger is a demanded and trending profession and bloggers worldwide are considered serious professionals. Different bloggers have their different styles and have their proper audience, that reads the sites just to read them

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