Easiest Exchange My Doge Coin? – An Amazing Guide By KuCoin

KuCoin is a fantastic exchange established in 2017 and became famous; it is interesting to know that more than 200 people globally are linked with KuCoin. It is a global cryptocurrency exchange for numerous assets and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, due to its immense services, KuCoin is considered amongst the top 5 crypto exchanges, according to Coin Market Cap.

Furthermore, KuCoin’s incredible feature is the vast range of registered coins. It has around seven hundred registered coins, including Bitcoin, Binance Coin, USD Coin, Cardano, Dogecoin, and many more. This is a superb feature as the user gets various coins to choose from.

Let’s Look At DogeCoin

Dogecoin was launched in 2013 by Billy Markus from IBM and Jackson Palmer from Adobe. The reason for developing the DogeCoin was that a cute and friendly dog meme inspired them, Shiba Inu, which went viral on Reddit and in no time became the talk of the town. To bring something for fun and entertainment into the blockchain ecosystem, something that many people could relate to.

Comparison Between BitCoin And DogeCoin 

Dogecoin and Bitcoin are Cryptocurrencies that are offered by the KUCoin exchange. Are both these cryptocurrencies different, and what aspects are similar? Let’s see. Both Doge and BitCoin rely on the same blockchain software. But have differences as well. According to Meltem Demirors, “There are many differences between dogecoin and bitcoin,” One of the significant differences is that there is an infinite supply of coins on this platform. But Bitcoin’s software ensures there are not more than 21 million bitcoins in circulation. Dogecoin was created as a joke; Dogecoin lacks technical development and isn’t as secure as bitcoin. Another difference is the transaction fee. BitCoin’s transaction fee is higher compared to Doge. And the transaction fee structure for both coins differs.

Another significant difference is that Dogecoins can be stored on various multi-currency wallets. Dogecoins wallet addresses start with the letter’ D,’ which distinguishes them from Bitcoin wallets.

Dodge Prices 

Now let’s look at the costs of doge coins. Currently, one Dogecoin equals 12.48PKR. According to analysts’ doge price prediction, DOGE is to trade at $0.30 by the end of 2022, $0.77 by 2025, and $1 by 2030

What Is Dodge USDT?

Before discussing Doge USDT, let’s understand what USDT stands for. Tether (USDT) is a cryptocurrency stable coin fixed to the U.S. dollar. And as it is a stable coin, it is a safe investment. And one USDT price equals to207.42PKR. Now coming to DOGEUSDT, it is a perpetual contract priced on BDOGET Index. It uses a Premium Index to calculate funding rates. If we look at the rate, 1 Tether (TRON) to Dogecoin exchange rate is 11.5607 DOGE.


Though Doge started as a joke, with time, its popularity grew. And Dogecoin has fast processing times and low transaction costs. So one can invest in these coins, and the exchange from where one can get these is KUcoin. Ku Coin is one exchange with the vision that everyone will use one-day crypto.

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