Does it Make Sense to Move Now?

Moving is a huge decision that can affect every aspect of your life.  Although there’s no perfect reason to move or reason to stay put, many of us need the fresh start we can get from a move.

If you’re trying to figure out if this is the right time for you, these are the most important things to consider.

Do You Have A Home You’ll Have To Sell?

Some may decide to use their current home as a rental property to others: but if you’re moving, selling is probably the best option.  Ask yourself ‘what is my home worth,’ and try to see what you can do to increase the value in it.  The more money you can get from your current property, the more you’ll have to start your move and new life in a new city.

Do You Have A Job In Place?

When you move, it’s important to line up work as quickly as possible.  Do you have a job set in stone for you, or will you have to job hunt once you arrive?  Although it’s possible to shop around once you get there, it’s going to take immense savings to ensure you don’t go under.

Do You Have The Savings For It?

If you’re moving to a new area without a job lined up, you should try to have three to six months of income saved up.  This will give you a safety net that will keep you from possibly tilting over into being completely broke without a job.  With avid job hunting and a good resume, most people can find a job within this period.  Simply treat job hunting as your full-time job while you’re jobless.

Can You Afford Housing In The New Place?

How much is the housing in the new city?  Is it extremely expensive, or something more affordable?  If you need to, consider finding a roommate who can share living expenses with you until you can get your place. One great service to find roommates nearby is Diggz.

This is a different story if you’re not moving alone.

Is It More Than Just You Moving?

Are you a parent?  Do you have a significant other that will move with you?  These can be fantastic perks, but they can also cause complications.  Try to move in the early summer, between school years, if you have children.  If your spouse is moving with you, and they’ll need work, try to help them find a source of income as well.  Dual income will make any area more affordable; just ensure you save up enough for everyone involved.

What’s The Worst Time of Year to Move?

Although there’s no perfect time to move, there’s the busiest time to do it.  Between July to September, the new school year is the busiest time of the year to move.  This period is racked with higher housing costs, higher moving costs, and more competition for housing.  If you have time to wait, and you want to ensure you lock in the best rates possible without having to fight to find accommodation: consider moving in the winter months.

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