Cool Must Try Art and Craft Ideas for Washi Tapes

Are You unfamiliar with the term washi tapes? It has many other names such as painter’s tape, masking tape, decorating tape, etc. Vograce washi tape is customizable, eco-friendly, and durable. We offer you clear color quality with good adhesion. You can order from 10 to an unlimited number of pieces because the bigger the quantity, the larger the discount. You can select your size and design.

1: Design Pretty Bookmarks 

DIY bookmarks will help you in studying and make it way more fun. You’ll need different patterns of washi tapes and big paper clips. You have to attach the washi inside out on the paper clips and make sure to put it on different levels. Make a few bright bookmarks and write down the page numbers. Then attach the paperclip to the pages and attach them to different height levels. Now you can find the pages easily. These bookmarks will help you prepare for your test.

2: Beautify Dirty Case

Does your clear iPhone case turn yellow even if you change It 100000000 times?! Then follow my tips and make it eye-catching. Take your silicon case and three different colors of glitter washi tapes. Apply the tape strips to the case and fold the ends inwards. Make sure it is well secured. Combine the strips and add some other bits of the tape. Keep on adding and make the edges sparkly. Put the case on your phone. You can combine many different designs getting a new design each time. It’s a good way to give your old boring phone a makeover with a new color pallet in less time. Congratulations! You just made yourself a smart new accessory.

3: Solution to Confusing Keys

Do you muddle up your keys all the time? The problem solver is our printed washi tape. Take the keys, some of them might even look the same.  Twist the tape around the key handle securely and gently down. Use a different tape for every key. Now you shouldn’t mix them because each is marked with a different design.

4: Decorating The Cords

This hack will be the most pretty but it needs the most tape as well as time. You have to gradually wrap a little piece of tape around the cord in a slow manner, tightly and gently. You can’t leave any gap and you should different designs and types to make it better. And tadddaaaa you have your colorful customized USB/charging wire ready.

5: Eye Catching Disposable Cups

If you’re going for a picnic, then you’ll certainly need disposable tableware but it’s so plain and boring. You’ll just need a couple of minutes to change their looks. The solution is simply to decorate them with patterned washi tape. You have to apply the painter’s tape in a horizontal order across it. You have to Cut off the excess on each glass. And done! Now your guests can choose their glass according to their taste and they won’t even get mixed. The decorated cups will add color and individual features to your picnic. These cups can be used whenever you want to use them because they are ahead of time.

6: Reliable Pencil Holder

Have you ever thought about making a pencil holder from a cheap but reliable tissue holder? It’s really fun. Attach 1 strip of patterned washi tape and apply double-sided tape right next to it. Remove the protected tape carefully and pour glitter on it. Dab the role in the scattered glitter. Apply a pattern strip again. Alternate with the sparkly glitter. Finish up decorating with colored tape. Add a cardboard bottom and decorate it with a floral-designed washi tape. Cut off the excess. Hot glue the bottom. You just successfully made a low-cost pencil holder quickly and easily.

7: Cute Candy Gift

Are you going to make a candy gift? Well, make it cuter! With these mini handmade wrapping. You’ll need craft wire. Attach it to the washi tape. Cover with the same tape to sandwich the wire.  Take the clear bag and add your rainbow-colored candy to it. Wrap the tape around the package and it’s finally sealed. You can gift this cute packed sweet tooth treat to our candy-loving friend.

8: Interestingly Cute Embellishments

If you are as cute as it hanging, then you’ll love it. Isn’t it interesting to make a cute mini garland? Your design experiment needs a little advancement. Attach a small piece of decorating tape to a thick piece of yarn. Cut the bottom of the tape in a v shape. To get a little vertical flag. Add tape of a different pattern, and snip off to make a flag. Continue sticking flags at an equal distance. We’ve got a pretty mini flag garland. You can decorate a vase or wrap a gift.

9: Tangled Headphone Wires

Tired of your tangled hand free then I have an easy way just for your sake.  Tape on side of a wooden clip with the help of painters’ tape. Cut off the excess and fold the edges. Repeat for the other side. You can make a few earphone holders. Fasten the folded cord. Wrap it around the clothespin. Fasten it again. Organize your cords with these simple wire holders made from a clothespin.

10: Funny Makeup Organizer

Change a blank clear jar into a funny item. Wrap sparkly washi tape in random directions all around the jar.   Apply a different color in the same way. Hot glue two black beads to it. They will be our eyes. You can put cotton buds in this funny mummy jar. You can make one even less sparkly take a simple masking tape and applying it in the same way. Pour some beads over it, and attach googly eyes. For a more decent look, you can cover all the spaces. These cute little mummies will keep your makeup and other small stuff safe.

Final Words,

Above mentioned ideas proves using washi tapes in making art and craft is fun and entertaining. When it comes to choosing a quality product, Vograce washi tape is the best option. You can order online and get it delivered within a few days to your doorsteps. Get your customized online washi tape roll today!.

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