Community Stem Cell Banking – A comprehensive guide

What is it all about?

Community Banking is considered to be a wonderful way to share your well-preserved stem cells with the registered community members. This way, it becomes easier to identify perfect matching stem cells given by any donor. This way, immediate family members like parents, paternal & maternal grandparents and siblings can stay adequately protected against various types of medical conditions. These are those health issues that stem cells can offer proper treatment.

Why the need to select Community Stem Cell Banking?

The stem cells of your baby are able to derive 80x greater potentiality through unmatched benefits. It includes protection from various types of health conditions that can be treated using stem cells. It also offers unlimited sample retrievals without having to incur additional costs and complete family protection. Hence, the objective to launch Community cell banking is to share preserved umbilical cord stem cells among the parent community.

Is storing stem cells worth the try?

According to medical experts, Cord Blood stem-cells are known to exhibit very high regenerative features. It also has the ability to convert into bone cells, muscle cells, brain cells, blood cells, etc. Presently, about 80 or more types of life-threatening medical conditions can be treated with these stem cells. Therefore, storing your baby’s cord blood can be a wise decision made. Doing this will not only protect your baby, but also your entire family members for a lifetime. Thus, it offers your family with comprehensive benefits when it comes to availing medical treatments. Community banking is said to have an upper hand over both public and private stem cell banks. It offers collective family benefit comprising of over 12 to 16 times when compared to private stem cell banking.

What is the processing method for cord blood?

The latest cord blood processing technology is used to extract stem cells in optimum numbers. It offers superior RBC depletion over other techniques. This unique technology is being introduced in developing countries but at a very slow rate.

How does this system function?

  • The parents first join the community and preserve the baby’s umbilical cord stem cells at the authorized lab.
  • The well-preserved stem cells become part of the common cord blood stem cell unit pool.
  • Community members can access the units whenever required.

Benefits derived from this process

The common man can enjoy the benefits offered by this process. Some of them are given below:

  • Greater matching probability: There is noticed a higher probability to get the perfect match since there is present a large inventory. Thus, the transplantation scope is increased manifolds. It also helps to identify quickly and get access to the perfectly matching stem cell units required for treatment purpose.
  • Higher coverage: This process offers 28 to 32 times collective family benefits. This is largely due to the enhanced coverage scope offered not only to the baby, but also covers parents as well as grandparents.
  • Family benefits: The entire family can beneficiaries of this particular process and get proper medical treatment as and when needed.
  • No additional cost to access the stem cells: Becoming a registered community member means, you can get easy and quick access to the stem cells if there is required transplantation. There is no need to pay anything extra.

What is the cost generally involved availing this process?

Stem cell preservation requires advanced facilities and proper resources. Hence, the lab offering this facility is likely to charge a good amount of money, which again differs from one facility to the other. You may also be charged an annual fee for storage purpose.

Are there are prerequisites to follow to avail this advanced service?

Generally, there are stated to be two primary requirements to be fulfilled to become a member of this community stem cell banking system.

  • You need to provide consent in writing to share your baby’s stem cells for transplant purpose of any other community member.
  • You need to submit maternal blood sample within seven calendar days of delivering the child along with filled-up donor history. This is to ascertain the mother does not suffer from transmittable or inherited diseases.

Why to choose this particular expensive process?

Medical experts across the globe have already approved stem cells to be used to treat 80+ medical conditions. It includes non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Leukaemia, SCID, Beta Thalassemia Major, Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome, etc. In today’s age where there have emerged different types of diseases, the chances of any family member getting diagnosed with any of the approved medical conditions are quite high. They will obviously be recommended to get immediate stem cell transplantation services. It is here that community stem cell units can prove to be a life saviour.

Being aware of this process will allow you to make a well-informed decision to protect your family members.

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