Cards Against Muggles – Straight Outta Hogwarts

Being a Potterhead, I was so thrilled to find a Harry Potter themed card game. I am obsessed with all things Hogwarts and so, when I saw this party game on the internet, at Pick.Cards, I just had to buy a set. Cards Against Muggles is an unofficial spinoff of that ever so popular (but ever so deviant) Cards Against Humanity. Since then I have spent many nights already, with my Potterhead friends and crying with laughter at how funny the game is to play.

It is hard to imagine that they have mashed together the magical world of J K Rowling and the gutter-level toilet humor of Cards Against Humanity. But once you read some of the cards you will quickly realize what they have done and fall about laughing at their hysterical results.

Everything that you could imagine that might happen with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Professors Dumbledore and Snape, Voldemort and Dobby is here in this themed adult card game of Harry Potter Cards Against Muggles…and a few things you can’t (!)

Cards Against Muggles is very easy to play too and just the same as the original card game. Each player will read out one of the black cards while the others will answer with one of their white cards and the winner is the one which causes the most mayhem (usually the most rudest, crudest or lewdest). It only takes you and three others to start a game and many more can join in, if you have bought enough pizza and butter beer for the night. It is quick to play too, as a game only lasts 30-90 minutes but it might take longer if you can’t see for all the tears in your eyes!

But though everyone’s favorite childhood characters are in this card game, this is not for the young Potterheads. Cards Against Muggles comes with an age restriction so only for those 17 years and above should be anywhere near this debauched party game.

If you are wondering, “Can this really be that bad?”, then take a look at some of these examples.

“Lucius Malfoy didn’t realize he had actually given Voldemort….” “Dragons Dildos”

“Tom Riddle was shocked when Ginny began to write about…in the diary.”  “The bizarre and horrific ordeal that conceived Rubeus Hagrid”

“Filch has finally banned…from the halls of Hogwarts” “Snorting Floo Powder to go on a mental journey”

As you can see, this is why they have printed the age restriction on the side of the box.

There are several Cards Against Muggles stores from which to buy your own set. But the version I bought from Pick.Cards is an actual physical set of cards. Not like those other, cheaper digital sets that are out there. This is delivered in a lovely presentation box with 1440 cards that is made up from 990 black cards and 450 white cards.

This is the best fun you will have with your friends in a long time. Guaranteed laughs every time you open the box!

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