Buying figures versus Dakimakura cushions.

Custom dakimakura pillows are sometimes undervalued, particularly by figure fans. Because of arguments that occasionally occur among anime fans when the dakimakura pillow arrives in life-size size with 2D printing. Which is printed by a hugging dakimakura pillow. Each curve is designed to be similar to the characters in the manga. This will be called a cuddling dakimakura pillow. Figure fans feel it does not have the same level of detail as a figure. Although it is not to scale with the original character, the whole figure is rendered in three dimensions, and every inch has an identical likeness to the original. It is not possible to embrace it, but it does have joints that may be played to create different poses. One thing that can be said with absolute certainty is that dakimakura pillows may be regarded as a trend that is one of a kind compared to figures.

Should you buy an original, or can you have a dakimakura cushion made for you?

The purchase of dakimakura custom body pillows, considered unique products, should not come as a surprise to you if you have a deep-seated admiration for a specific anime series and can cosplay as its characters. The fact that it is rather pricey is not a major obstacle. In any case, if you want to be able to embrace your favourite character, you’ll need to be ready to save money and move quickly. Maybe they are the men infatuated with anime to such a godlike degree. You are prepared to take any measures necessary to get authentic items based on your favourite manga.

Then, what about the anime fan who is still relatively inexperienced but wants to own and purchase a dakimakura pillow? There is always another road that leads to Rome. There are a lot of different paths you may take to make your goals come true. An internet business can now produce dakimakura pillows to your specifications. You only need to have the design of your favourite character uploaded to the provider’s website, and will take care of the rest of your pillows.

The cost of having a bespoke dakimakura cushion made for dakimakura pillows will. Of course, be far lower than the cost of a genuine dakimakura pillow.

Advice on how to properly maintain a dakimakura pillow.

The following advice, taken from, may help you ensure that your dakimakura cushion retains its pristine appearance at all times:

  1. Incorporate frequent bathing into your routine. If the owner of the pillowcase seldom bathes, then oil from the body and dirt will only be transferred into the pillowcase when they use it to sleep.
  2. Keep expensive toys out of the reach of pets since it is not surprising that the sharp claws and teeth of animals might cause harm to them.
  3. Trim your nails. In addition to the bites and scratches that cats or dogs might cause, your waifu should also be protected from any scratches that your nails could cause. While sleeping with the dakimakura, your strong hug and long nails may cause her to scratch herself.
  4. Stay out of the direct sunshine as much as possible. The colour of the dakimakura cushion will become less vibrant if it is exposed to sunlight too often.
  5. Wash the cover regularly; even though the owner of this waifu pillow bathes himself regularly, dust and filth will still cling to this waifu pillow. When we speak about the state of cleanliness, we must go the additional mile. When one is clean with themselves, one is likewise clean with his waifu.
  6. Clean the cushion; it is suggested that the inside dakimakura pillow be cleaned at least twice a year.

How do you wash a dakimakura pillow?

Different websites are dedicated to discussing the dakimakura cleaning process and you can find out by searching how to perfectly clean a dakimakura long pillow. The following are some recommendations that may be drawn from the infographic:

  1. Take off the dakimakura pillowcase and keep in mind that the only portion of the pillow that has to be cleaned is the cushion itself. Therefore, remove the pillowcase from the pillow in a cautious manner.
  2. Place in the washing machine – Using a detergent that does not include chlorine, place the dakimakura pillow inside the washing machine. The original hue of the dakimakura will become less noticeable due to the finishing substance. Be careful to check it out under the area titled “composition” on the soap bar you use to wash your clothes.
  3. Perform a cold wash by setting your washing machine to the hand-wash setting and the lowest temperature possible.
  4. Squeeze the water out of the dakimakura without stretching it. This will allow the water to drain out of the dakimakura.
  5. Dry dry. When drying, you should also avoid being exposed to direct sunlight. It is possible to dry it in any room or location that has a dry condition.

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