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Given the status of technology today, many people currently use a smartphone or computer daily, making them indispensable. Finding appropriate attachments for your computer or smartphone can frequently be challenging and, more importantly, pricey. But that’s it for the time being! You can purchase affordable, high-quality smartphone accessories from Gonser, for instance.

Whether it’s Apple, Samsung, or Huawei, their selection is continually growing with add-ons for the newest models from the top brands. For instance, they also provide a suitable adaptor at a lower cost than specialty stores for the most recent iPhone customers who insist on using headphones.

Keep your smartphone safe!

The phone was lost? It’s not necessary to be! Everyone is aware of this worry, which, regrettably, has already materialized for some. The brand-new cellphone escapes grasp and land exactly where it shouldn’t.

The fun of using the phone is over because the display is broken. This nightmare can be avoided by protecting the cherished smartphone. Your phone needs to be shielded from drops, grime, and scratches to be protected. If the cell phone falls to the ground, a bumper will shield the screen.

You can stop the screen, the beating heart of every smartphone, from breaking into a million pieces by adding a protective covering. In addition to being stylish, a cover or even a leather case protects the smartphone.

Computer hardware

Their selection of computer accessories, including mouse mats, mice, and USB-powered devices, can help office employees cope with the drudgery of working all day. Of course, their amazing lowest price guarantee applies to you as well. Additionally, office chairs with ergonomic designs and a variety of colors are available. Never before has working extra hours been so convenient!

The most affordable ink and toner prices in Switzerland!

No more excessively expensive ink and toner cartridges! Order your printer accessories from Gonser right away to start saving money. Gonser has a sizable assortment of ink and toner cartridges that are compatible with various printer models. You may use their interactive database to identify the precise product for your printer model.

Affordable brand quality is possible.

Along with their affordable toner and ink cartridges, you can also buy batteries from reputable manufacturers like Duracell or Grundig. Pay less than half as much here as you would in specialty stores to get premium current collectors in a useful Gonser box. You may discover the ideal battery for practically any device at Gonser, including button cells, 9V batteries, and standard batteries.

Low-cost mobile phone accessories

For many people, a smartphone has already become an essential part of daily life. Numerous manufacturers have created and distributed an increasing number of smartphones in the years following the iPhone’s enormous commercial success. Every year, new versions with fresh features are released as technology continues to advance.

Then, these modern cell phones are capable of more than you might imagine. But for many people, the fun ends with the cost. Fortunately, Gonser offers at least reasonably priced cell phone accessories for the iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, and many more models. For all popular models, they provide the appropriate cell phone covers, leather cases, or protective films.

Defend your smartphone against dings and cracks

Everyone is aware of the initial warning while using a new cell phone. However, after using the item for a while and making a few excursions to hard surfaces, one starts to worry less and less about its state. The majority of individuals have to find a replacement when the first cracks in the screen occur.

This isn’t necessary. Your danger of your smartphone developing unattractive scratches and cracks is reduced if you safeguard it from the start with a mobile phone cover, protective film, or even a leather case. An additional robust protective case that can shield the phone even in challenging circumstances is advised for users who use their phones in challenging or harsh environments.

Numerous options, affordable rates

To be able to affordably offer the proper accessories for the most recent iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, they are always working to increase their selection of mobile phone accessories. We always search for unique designs, stunning hues, and excellent craftsmanship to provide diversity in protective covers and cases.

At Gonser, you can also get everything you need for charging your phone. Here you will find affordable alternatives to the pricey charging cables and docking stations available from specialty merchants. Additionally, there are various devices like tripods and charging stations whose sole purpose is to simplify your life. Gonser’s online store has all of this and much more!

Online bargains on branded batteries

Contrary to popular belief, batteries are more frequently required in daily life. Batteries are required virtually everywhere, whether you want to use the new birthday present for your child or are simply casually zapping through the channels with the remote control while sitting on the couch. Because of this, GONSER.CH offers a variety of batteries at low prices. Their batteries are not completely pricey like in specialty stores. Batteries from reputable manufacturers are available in Gonser online store at competitive prices.

A battery is more than just that.

It is well known that various batteries can be utilized with various gadgets. The AA and AAA battery is the most popular variety of batteries. Did you know that the official designations for these batteries are R6 and R03, respectively? These batteries can power a variety of gadgets, including radio and even a dancing cow. Strong 9V batteries, often known as 9-volt blocks, are also available. So you know which battery to use if you have a device that requires a little bit more power. 

Gonser also provides so-called button cells in their selection. These round, flat batteries are typically seen in low-power gadgets like hearing aids or wristwatches. The moniker “button cell” actually refers to the battery’s shape, which is remarkably similar to a button on clothing. The first button cells, incidentally, were released in the USA in 1942.

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