BF245 Transistor: Can BF245 In Place Of 2N5457?

The introduction of BF245 Transistor

The BF245 is a BNP-PNP transistor can be located within the TO-92 package. It can be utilized to amplify both the UHF as well as the VHF band, as also to function as an audio frequency amplifier. Due to it’s high output and quiet characteristics it can amplify low-gain signals (RF Audio, RF or any other signal) up to high gain with noise-free filtering. If you’re unable to find it, then you can pick one of the three models listed below as the BF245 replacement. There are three varieties that are available: BF245A, BF245B, and BF245C. Each model has a different Gate Source voltage or zero-gate drain current. Today, easybom will provide the details of the device. The article will be broken down into sections of Features, BF245 Pinout, BF245 Datasheet, BF245 Equivalent and more.

The features of the Transistor BF245

VCE = 1.2 Vdc (Max) @ IC = 3.0 Adc

Compact TO-220 Ab Package

Pb-Free Packages Are Available

Pinout BF245

The following are below the pinout for BF245::



Supplier Device Package – TO-92-3


Voltage – Rated 30V

The Current Rating (Amps) 25mA – 25mA

Where can I use to Use the BF245 Transistor?

The BF245 transistor is suitable for many applications, including mic preamplifiers and audio preamplifiers, high-power audio amplifier stages, low-noise audio amplifiers and RF transmitters/receivers, RF signal boosters and receivers as well as RF detectors and RF sensors.

equivalent to BF245

It is possible to use BF244A 245A, BF245B and 2SK117, BF245C MPF102, 2N5458 J113, BF256A and NTE457 and 2N3819 as equivalent to BF245. They are available on the easybom website.

Everything You Should Know About the BF245 Transistor in Electronics

How can I safely run the BF245 Transistor within a circuit?

If properly used electronic components are very durable and last for many years. It is essential to stay clear of over-using any part. Instead, keep minimum 20% lower than the maximum rating. This will ensure long-term reliability. The transistor BF245 should be utilized in this manner. The maximum drain source voltage is 30V. The drain-gate voltage should be lower than 24V and the gate-source shouldn’t exceed 24. The limit of the current drain to 25mA is suggested. Do not overload the transistor by greater than 20mA. Also, do not keep or operate the device below -55°C or over +150 degrees centigrade.

BF245 vs. 2N5457

What exactly is 2N5457?

2N5457, an N-Channel Junction Effect Transistor. This JFET is an N-Channel Depletion Layer JFET is widely used in the amplifying of audio equipment and tone modulation. It is equipped with an output voltage of 25Vdc and an drain Gate voltage of 25 Vdc.

Can I use BF245 instead of 2N5457?

Yes. You can substitute BF245 to get an equivalent to the alternative 2n5457.

The best substitute to that 2N5457 would be that of BF244A as well as BF245A.

What is NPN and PNP?

PNP NPN and NPN sensors are both fitted with positive and negative power leads. They produce the signal that signifies that they are in the “on” status. PNP sensors generate an electrical signal that’s positive into the control inputs of the industrial in contrast, NPN sensors produce the opposite signal when they are in their “on” status.

What is the different between the NPN or PNP transistor?

The main distinction between the NPN and PNP transistor is that the primary difference between an NPN and a PNP transistor lies in the fact that an NPN transistor activates when current flows into the transistor’s base. In this type of transistor, current is flowing from the collector towards the emitter. But it is the PNP transistor is switched ON without any current running into its base.

Dimensions of the Package

Below is a photo below. The 2D Model and Dimensions from the BF245 Datasheet is useful to learn about the type of package and the dimensions.

Datasheet for BF245 Datasheet

Download the Datasheet for BF245 below:


ON Semiconductor

On Semiconductor is a manufacturer committed to cutting down on energy consumption. It has a broad range of signal management, power and logic, as well as custom products that use less energy. It functions as an industry-leading supply chain that has high reliability, and a network comprising manufacturing plants, sales offices and design centers across important markets across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions.


In short it is in short, the BF245 PNP transistor is located inside the TO-92 package. It is able to be used as an amplifier in VHF as well as UHF VHF band of frequencies as well for audio frequency amplifiers. If you are unable to locate it, you can select one of the following models as the BF245 replacement. There are three varieties of the devices available. They are BF245A, BF245B, and BF245C. Each model has a different Gate-Source voltage , or the Zero Gate Drain Current.

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