Betting on Andar Bahar – where to start?

Card games in the world of virtual casinos are no less popular than classic slot machines. Andar bahar online cash game originally from India considered a novelty in the field of virtual casinos but has already gained wild popularity among gambling enthusiasts. If you prefer card games and want to quickly move on to the gameplay, learn the simple rules of the game.

Rules and features of the game

Andar Bahar has no limit on the number of players, the main instrument of the game is a deck of 52 cards. The main feature is that during the gameplay, none of the participants receives cards in their hands, they are dealt with at the center of the table. Winning depends on the bet made.

Ever wondered why the game is called “Andar Bahar”? Participants choose between two sides, Andar and Bahar, which translate from Hindi as “left” or “right”. After the announced bets, the dealer must deal one card face up, which in this game is called the “Joker”. Before the deal, the dealer shuffles the cards and gives them out one at a time. According to the rules, the black suit goes to the Andar side, and the red suit goes to the Bahar side. The cards will be dealt with until the one that matches the “Joker” is dropped. The stakes increase with each round of the game, payments are made by the number of cards dealt (the more cards dealt by the dealer, the greater the winning amount).

Types of bets in Andar Bahar

As you guessed, the game has two betting options – Andar and Bahar. Each player has a chance to win and depends on which side he takes, right or left. The game is dynamic, it is difficult for the participants to predict the card that will be winning in a particular round. You can increase your opportunities by predicting the approximate number of cards that will be dealt with in the table. The player will be able to calculate approximate combinations and place his bet.

During the first round, the player can already make additional bets on the suit and rank of the middle card: hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades, indicating a value above 8, exactly 8, or below 8. Regardless of whether the additional bet is made, the player must press the deal button. As expected, if the side bet wins, the payout in the case of winning the main bet will be much higher. Experienced players who know how to rely not only on their intuition but also on the hints of the game, raise big money in just a few rounds of betting. In each round, you can choose whether to make an additional bet or not.

How to win at Andar Bahar?

The first and most important point of winning is a reliable virtual casino platform. Parimatch values ​​its reputation and does not deceive customers. The fraud rate is 0% since the site operates legally and makes payments to its users through direct transactions.

The chances of winning in Andar Bahar are affected by the experience of the player. Card gambling is quite predictable and the possible outcome of events is visible only to the eye of an experienced gambler. Don’t forget about side bets – if there is a chance to increase the jackpot at times, why not take advantage of it? Competently calculate the possible outcomes and bet more confidently, because card games love the brave.

Remember that Andar Bahar is a fast-paced game that takes place in a non-stop betting mode. If you have problems with self-control, we recommend setting a limit on the number of laps so as not to lose track of time and drain all your capital. Trust your luck and intuition – they are the main assistants in card games, even if they take place online.

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