Best Entertainment Activities to do while traveling

Traveling can be a little boring if you attempt to do it without a plan or a list of activities to do. In this article, we asked some travelers about the best activities to fill in the gaps of time during travelers and collected the responses. So, stay tuned! 

First, why should you travel? Here is the response by James from Sailing Virgins :

“Although travel is important, my business focuses on adventure travel.

Adventure takes us out of the rut of everyday existence. Travel often seeks to eliminate stress. Adventure travel, on the other hand, aims to introduce “eu-stress”, or “good” stress. 

When sailing, this means aspects like weather, navigation challenges and dealing with foreign languages, currencies and cultures. 

Some people do not like adventure travel for fear that things might go wrong. However, we live by the principle that a life lived in fear is a life half lived. We aim to live fully. Richly. “

Now, let’s head to some of the best activities to do while traveling:

Best Activities For Traveling 2022

1. Watch Sports If You Can

Watching sports events live is one of the entertainment activities that I prefer in 2022. After empty stadiums and dull screenings for 2 years,fans are finally back in arenas and I’d love to join the fun. Uniting with equally berserk sports fans and cheering our favorite teams is on my entertainment agenda for the year. While this may not be a frequent occurrence, I look forward to any opportunities that I may get. For the other times, I wish to head to the nearest sports bar and enjoy sports and celebrate my favorite teams along with other enthusiasts. It is finally time to brush the dust off our social lives and start connecting again over common interests.

Thanks to Smriti Tuteja from Yogic-Experience. Feel free to check their latest comparison about Chirp wheel vs. Yoga Wheel from here.

2. Go For A Run And Check The City

There is an activity I do everytime I travel.  I love to go for a run and just see the city. It doesn’t cost anything and is healthy.  As a father of 3 young kids, going for a run also gives me a chance to decompress from all of the stresses of traveling with kids.  For instance, we just went to Silver Dollar City (see our review). When the kids were in bed, my wife and I just went for a short run around the resort we were staying at. 

Thanks to Greg from Chachingqueen for his contribution. 

3. Games, Reading, Story Telling

A lot of people travel. By air, land or water. And you might be bored on those trips. What can you do to relieve yourself? What fun activity is there to do while traveling?

In my entire life, I have always traveled in a group; my family members or church members. And it’s by road. And my favorite thing to do during the journey is music. With my family, we would always visit my father’s hometown to see my grandparents. We take what we need and set off in my dad’s car. A good activity to do is playing games. Your phones and gadgets are useful for this but I prefer conversational games like word games, riddles and my father was good at hosting them, teasing us with ridiculous brain teasers and naming games. Also, in the Sunday school group, the teachers would throw funny bible questions at us. It even helped to ease us for the real competition we were to attend. The trips would be loud and sometimes competitive, but it was fun. 

Apart from games, there is reading. I love reading novels, especially fantasy ones but it would be in audio forms. This is one of my favorites but I don’t usually use it because I might get slight headaches while listening, especially in a moving vehicle.

And finally, my top favorite is storytelling. There are places along the road, a village or a hidden town that we pass by that we may not know. My mother was an expert in this; she would tell us the history of that place, what they eat and drink and wear, their marriage preferences and way of teaching their children the traditions of the village or town. She would tell folktales of the village like she had lived with them. I would even jot down some notes to remember them for another time and take some pictures too.

 There are many others to think of but these four are at the top of the list. Doing all of them during the whole journey is even more exciting and you’d never know that dull experience that many people say they have while traveling and a long one at that. Every travel would just be an exercise for you. 

Thanks to Emma Gordon from USSalvageyards for her contribution. 

4. Spend Some Time With The Locals

The world is an interesting and beautiful place.

So, my suggestions are:

  • Try homestay options withlocals.
  • Have local traditional food. Try out their specialties. Every place has some food or style of cooking which is unique to them.
  • Speak to locals. One of the best things I do is speak to an older guy and hear some folk stories and legends. Often, you don’t get to know such stuff anywhere else.
  • Go for early morning walks.This is a great time to witness a few things which we miss out otherwise.

Thanks to Kate Zhang, a startup enthusiast, purposedweller, marketing director, chief designer, and co-founder of KateBackDrop.

5. Enjoy The Outdoors and The Food

When travelling It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert wanderer, a seasoned solo adventurer, or a novice traveller. The secret to travelling well is to tap into instinctive everyday behaviours. Being spontaneous will transform your trips from ordinary to extraordinary. 

If you are up for a good adventure, here are some tips you can follow to enjoy every minute of your trip.

Enjoy the outdoors

Rent a bike, have a picnic in a neighboring park, paddle a kayak, go hiking or swim in a hot spring. Make sure to experience what the place has to offer.

Try as much local foods as possible

The best way to do this is to look for family owned restaurants, they usually offer the most authentic food experience. Doing some research won’t hurt.

Take public transportation

The fastest way to live like a local is to take public transport. Here you will engage with everyday people going about their everyday lives.

Get lost in the moment

Walk around the city and just let your feet take you wherever. Take advantage of the surroundings.

Do something renowned for the particular place

Find out what is the well known thing to do in the place you are visiting and make sure that you get to experience it. 

Thanks To Jack Kelly, CEO and Founder of Trusted Gifts

6. Don’t Forget About Photos

Seize the moment

Taking photos is perhaps the most ideal way to catch astonishing recollections and offer them with your loved ones. In any case, being excessively snap blissful can imply that you pass up the actual experience.

Get Off the Beaten Track

Regardless of the previously mentioned tip, addressing local people can likewise open up an entirely different world and permit you to find special and neglected regions that you won’t find in the manuals.

Thanks to John Hart, Co-Founder, and CEO of Falcon River.

I think this concludes the most important practices to do in traveling. Make sure to try them and let us know your opinion in the comments!

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