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You may get the most recent fashions right away in the BAUR online store. You may find the newest trends in women’s clothing at BAUR for every occasion. Based on web analysis, Baur highlights factors like dependability, usability, and environmentally responsible products. everything about shipping expenses. Simply because they want you to enjoy shopping, they have made their shipping rates very reasonable and obvious. They also have FLAT & MORE, which is a flat fee for shipping expenses that allows you to take advantage of all of their special offers, discounts, and deals in addition to saving money on shipping.

Why should you choose BAUR?

1. Ideal delivery methods

Adaptable delivery schedules wherever you’d like it delivered. Always being prepared and knowledgeable. The selection of shopping events at BAUR is essentially limitless. That their services are connected to your order is quite evident. Additionally adaptable and flexible, they meet your needs. When it comes to dispatching hours and delivery zones, they also adapt to your lifestyle and daily schedule. You only need to tell them when and where to deliver your order, and you’re done. They’ll arrange for it.

2. They provide completely worry-free service for your order

You could wish to hire a professional to build your new furniture or install your new washing machine because you lack the time, the right tools, or the desire to enjoy DIY projects. You are in the best hands with them, so don’t be alarmed. They will take care of everything and guarantee that your furniture is sturdy and your electrical appliances are working if you so want. This and more services are available for instant order with the product. The price is also disclosed there. 

3. Service for mending furniture

You can arrange the assembly/fixing service concurrently with placing an order for numerous products from their furniture line. accessible thanks to the tool icon. Depending on the complexity, varying amounts are required to put it up. The item description contains information about this as well.

4. Installation assistance

They will be more than pleased to assist you if you require assistance connecting your new electrical equipment. All you need to do is buy the installation service for tools and devices at the same time, and they will take care of taking apart your old equipment and gadgets if you so choose.

5. Simple returns

  • 30-day guarantee for voluntary returns
  • Returns are free

Do you have time to fit and try it on? Yes, but certain choices require a bit more thought. Because of this, you have up to 30 days from the date of delivery to return new items to BAUR in addition to the 14 legally necessary days.

So sit and think about it in peace and if something doesn’t fit or doesn’t meet your expectations, you can quickly send it back to them at no charge.

You only need to make sure the things are complete, in their original packing, and that they are unused and in undamaged condition when returning them within the cancellation time. Well! Personalized items, such as embedded jewelry, are an exception, thus these cannot be returned.

6. Your authorized Payback partner

You may earn worthwhile points with each purchase you make from when you use payback, the biggest bonus program in Germany. You receive 1 PAYBACK point for every €2 you spend. The best part is that you will receive e-Coupons for even more points as your account fills up while you shop!

Advantages of retribution

  • Through payback, they frequently provide you with unique BAUR special offers and eCoupons.
  • With more than 600 partners, you can earn points.
  • You can redeem 200 PAYBACK points for a variety of appealing options through Payback.
  • From the PAYBACK app, you can quickly and conveniently activate your eCoupons.
  • Payback places a high focus on data privacy.

7. Customized advice service for you Women’s fashion advice and

  • tips on intimates and swimsuits
  • advice on footwear
  • a housing manual
  • Information on technology and leisure
  • individual professional guidance

8. Personalization will look better

Jewelry is a gift idea that is always a perfect fit, whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary, or just a special occasion. Your dazzling gift will look even more lovely, but you can also have it personalized to make it more unique and striking. At BAUR, you may choose from a wide range of jewelry styles.

Home textiles have a warm aesthetic, and you can use them to change the look of your furnishings without having to immediately purchase new pieces. There are many fantastic textile options for your apartment, whether it is for the entryway, bathroom, bedroom, or living room. Which home textiles—carpets, curtains, or a soft sofa cover—make your house ideal?

Your house, your fashion!

Home textiles make your interior complete: Learn how to transform every space in your house into something contemporary, traditional, or just cozy. Some fabrics for the home serve both utilitarian and ornamental purposes.

Make your bathroom a haven of wellbeing

After every shower, look forward to a plush bathrobe and plush hand and bath towels. You will get an extra-large bath and sauna towels in the highest terry cloth quality, tiny guest towels, and towels that are the normal size of 50 x 100 cm. Bath mats that are absorbent and non-slip help to keep the floor dry. Beautiful hues and designs are available to go with any bathroom’s decor.

Bedroom linens at home

A comfortable bed will help you sleep better. A high level of comfort when sleeping is guaranteed by high-quality mattresses, slatted frames, and a selection of duvets and pillows. When picking bed linen and bed linen, it’s crucial to consider the skin-friendly, pleasant material quality of soft jersey fabrics, fine maca satin, or warm beaver linen in addition to the way they look. Shop now on Baur

Set up your comfort zone!

Floor mats in the entrance area prevent dirt from entering. There are carpets available for every room, including sturdy runners for the hallway and plush, and high-pile carpets for the living room and kids’ room. A well-set table with good table linens excites visitors and relatives, and attractive throws, ornamental throws, and soft cushions make sofas and armchairs particularly appealing. Buy comfortable home textiles of the highest caliber right now online!

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