At Versandhaus Wenz DE, you can find fine watches and jewelry for both men and women

The assortment of women’s colorful jewelry includes everything from lovely pendants on chains and necklaces to earrings, bracelets, and rings. A variety of artistic jewelry options made of premium components are available. A particular eye-catcher is provided with pearls, zirconia, or precious stones. Wenz’s jewelry sets, which include earrings and matching chains, are exceptionally well-designed. As a result, you always have fashionable jewelry at the ready for both formal occasions and your everyday style.

In Wenz’s mail-order business, men may also discover a variety of jewelry items, such as bangles, rings, and link necklaces with ornaments, with which they can artistically enrich their outfits. We also provide partner jewelry in an exclusive style so that you and your companion have an obvious identification mark.

With timepieces for men and women, you always have your finger on the pulse. Choose between automatic, quartz, radio-controlled, and chronograph watches. Their contemporary wooden watches not only have a unique appearance but also use FSC-certified lumber, meaning no trees had to be cut down to make them.

WENZ mail order offers stylish home furnishings and decor

When furnishing your space, allow Wenz’s offer to serve as an inspiration. You can, for instance, select bath mats, shower curtains, and towels in color-coordinated patterns for a consistent living and color theme in the bathroom. You will feel more at ease in your bathroom and enjoy the soothing bubble bath with this chic facility.

Their online mail order company also offers chic home furnishings, high-end home decor, and home textiles including window treatments like curtains and blinds. Discover more about the variations between sliding and panel curtains or blinds at WENZ by perusing the extensive selection.

You can invite and entertain visitors with the help of elegant cutlery, fine china, and a variety of table linens. Throws, carpets, and cushion covers add coziness and comfort to your four walls. Finally, we also outfit your bedroom with attractive and cozy pillows, mattresses, and bed linens.

You can find living suggestions on Wenz for each situation. In Wenz’s online mail order firm, you can particularly search for bed linen from Joop or towels from Grund if you’re seeking a certain brand.

Body shapes and measure charts at Wenz include short, normal, and long

WENZ provides free advice pages so that you are well informed and may choose the appropriate size for your new blouse, bra, or upcoming pair of trousers. The measurement tables also provide advice on what factors you should take into account when choosing your clothing size in addition to the size charts for men and women.

Having to do with clothing sizes

The WENZ mail-order company offers short sizes, extra short sizes, and long sizes in addition to the usual sizes. Women and men of all sizes and genders can easily and swiftly order their new favorite clothing from us.

At WENZ, we want you to be delighted not only with the clothing but also with the jewelry and shoes. If you acquire them from their online clothing store, the proper sizes are crucial in this situation as well. For your benefit, we have compiled information about the sizes of jewelry and shoes. In the latter scenario, you will also discover information on English and French sizes in addition to the German sizes, ensuring that nothing gets in the way of your upcoming shoe purchase.

You may get advice and more in The WENZ guides

To enjoy your garments for a long time, elegant fashion for both men and women needs to be properly cared for. In their advice area, you’ll find some pointers and techniques for efficiently cleaning various objects and laundry in general.

What does it include?

For instance, the leather care guide and knitwear maintenance advice fall within this category. Additionally, there are hints for maintaining the quality of jewelry and timepieces as well as details on how to look after household fabrics. The proper size is important for several household textiles, just like it is for women’s clothing. For blinds, curtains, and other window treatments, the proper measurements are crucial for the optimum appearance. In their tutorials, you will also find details on how to accurately measure the window’s length, width, and height as well as the space required for lovely folds.

The WENZ fashion house caters to quality-loving, fashion-conscious men and women. If you have any queries regarding their selection in addition to the online assistance, you can also get in touch with customer care or use our live chat feature in the online store.

Online fashion purchases and more

You can easily go on an online shopping binge with the stylish mail order firm WENZ. Browse our variety of shoes, jewelry, and interior design inspiration, as well as the various categories for men’s and women’s fashion. Be motivated by our fashion gurus’ styling advice. You’ll rapidly get into the habit of pairing various items of clothes and experimenting with cuts, colors, patterns, and materials. Your favorite items are available for straight online ordering. Simply click on the products you like, add them to your shopping cart, and have your new clothing promptly delivered to your house.

So that you may track your order and select your delivery destination freely, our fashion mail order firm uses DHL to deliver for you. On our website, under Delivery, are all delivery terms, including prices and shipping fees.

Options for paying at Wenz

The standard online payment options at WENZ include PayPal, credit card, direct debit, and bank transfer. Another option is to pay cash on delivery. Payment on account is an additional option. After that, you have 14 days after receiving the package to conveniently make a payment. Furniture and jewelry purchases may also be made via installment payments.

Please feel free to get in touch with our customer care if you have any queries about this or the procedure for placing an order for online shipping. Enjoy your fashion mail-order buying experience with us. Explore the WENZ fashion world to find cutting-edge designs and fine clothing that will quickly become your favorites. We wish you lots of enjoyment!

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