All you need to know about road rash injuries

If you’ve ever faced a car accident, you know how frightening and painful it can be. But what if the worst part of your accident was not the collision itself but the injuries that followed? 

The most common injury from a car crash is road rash; it often leads to infection or scarring. In this post, we will discuss all you need to know about road rash injuries so that you can stay safe on the roads. You also need to know why you need to hire a personal injury attorney Lake Charles based professional to get justice for your medical bills.

What is road rash injury?

Road rash is a skin injury caused by friction between the skin and an object. It usually refers to injuries on the face, hands, or chest from contact with the pavement when falling off a bike or motorcycle. 

Many people are familiar with the term “road rash.” For those who don’t know, road rash is a type of injury resulting from asphalt or other rough surfaces. It can be caused by falling on your skin when cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, or motorcycling. 

The severity of these types of injuries can vary: some rashes are barely visible while others may cause scarring. Road rash will generally heal without any medical treatment; however, you should see your doctor as soon as possible if it becomes infected. 

It is recommended that anyone who sustains this type of injury consult their physician for advice about how best to treat it. Not all cases require emergency care and many mild cases do well with at-home treatments like using an antibiotic ointment and antibacterial soap. However, no matter the severity, contact a personal injury attorney Lake Charles based professional to help with legal matters and consumption of medical bills.

How does it occur?

Road rash injuries happen when the skin is rubbed against asphalt, gravel or other rough surfaces at high speeds. This can happen in several ways: If your car flips over and you slide across the ground, if you slip out of your seatbelt while riding on an ATV or motorbike. It could also take place if another vehicle runs into yours from behind and forces it forward onto something sharp, or due to other traffic violations. 

Road rash typically occurs in arms and legs but any area with exposed skin may be affected by road rash. As mentioned above, this injury often requires medical attention due to infection risk or potential scarring that will affect appearance for life.

Immediate steps to take after a road rash injury

While it’s tempting to jump into action after an accident, there are steps you should follow first to avoid making matters worse:

  • Do not touch your wounds! This will only make them more difficult to treat later on if they become infected during the healing process. 
  • Keep yourself warm until help arrives. Road rash victims who don’t keep warm may suffer from shock due to blood loss or painkillers wearing off. 
  • Remember that road rash occurs because of friction, so your body’s heat will help relieve pain. 
  • Do not take any medication without consultation! Drugs like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and alcohol can increase bleeding, which is very dangerous if medical attention has yet to arrive.
  • Seek immediate medical attention (this should be obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t get seen by doctors for their injuries).
  • Remove contaminated clothing ASAP! Clothing must be removed from the skin before it’s touched or else infection risk increases significantly. If you have a cell phone with a camera, take pictures of your injuries for documentation purposes. 

How to prevent such injuries?

Road rash injuries are common in bike accidents. To prevent these types of damages, make sure you wear a helmet and follow the traffic rules. If you have been injured, consult with an experienced attorney to get advice on proceeding going forward. 

You can easily hire a personal injury attorney Lake Charles. Just remember to keep them on your speed dial. They can also guide any medical bills that may come your way and any other legal needs you might encounter due to this unfortunate circumstance.

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