All you need to know about FatFace UK

“We love to be inspired by everything around us, so we’ve created a range of cool, original pieces made from natural materials.” ~ Nick and Emily Hillyard

FatFace is a British brand that sells clothes to people across the UK and Ireland. It was founded in 2003 by Nick and Emily Hillyard who met while studying at a university in London. They started their first shop selling clothes for men, women, and children (and now some babies too!) with an ethos of using quality fabrics sourced locally wherever possible.

The company has grown significantly over time, expanding into stores all over Europe as well as Asia Pacific markets such as Australia & New Zealand where they currently have branches located in Sydney CBD and Melbourne CBD respectively.

History of fatface

It was founded on frustration due to the lack of quality clothing available to buy online. They wanted to change that for both men and women alike! It’s been a very successful venture for them so far, with over 20 million people visiting their website every month to browse through the latest products available at home or abroad.

Fat Face has an exotic range of products listed on its website from Holiday Shopping to a variety of products for  Women,  Men,  Boys & Girls,  Home  Accessories, footwear, etc. Each category is further divided into further subcategories like trending clothes for men & women, accessories, footwear, etc.

FatFace also has accessories like scarves and hats that can be purchased separately or as part of a set with one main product (i.e., an entire outfit). The site offers free shipping on all orders over £50 which means you don’t have to worry about paying additional fees when ordering from this site!

FatFace also offers sales on its product which you can check in the sale section of this site.

So this was just an overview of the FatFace website, now let’s have a look at some of its trendy product ranges:

There is a trend exploding across the fashion world at the moment, and it is all about linen shirts. These shirts look great with jeans or skirts as well as shorts or skirts—and they’re easy to care for too! This means that you don’t have to worry about getting stains on your clothes because they’ll come off easily with just soap and water (or even some laundry detergent). The fabric itself will last longer too since it doesn’t need ironing after every wear like other fabrics does; just hang dry instead!

FatFace offers quality pure linen shirts following the same trend. These shirts are 100% pure and come in different colors, shades  & patterns printed on them.

FatFace has an exclusive capsule collection for Boys & Girls. The collection includes a T-shirt, hoodie, and bag that all feature the same design on them: a whale shark swimming through a sea of trash in the middle of nowhere. The shirts come in different sizes for girls and boys; they’re made from 100% organic cotton.

The home accessories & gifts section consists of gifts for men, gifts for women, etc.

With a selection of extending stylish accessories from beach games to fun print mugs, bags, discs, cups, bats, soaps, water bottles, notebooks, laptop cases, key rings, floral beddings, etc.

FatFace Planet Commitment

Following sustainable development is an ongoing trend and it is necessary to preserve our environment. Going with the flow FatFace does the following things to play its part in sustainable growth, it uses less energy for production, replacing plastic bags with recyclable plastic bags and packing papers, and it has replaced bubble wraps with recyclable paper wraps.

It also has placed garment recycling units outside many of its offline stores in the United Kingdom to reduce the impact of tonnes of garments dumped in landfills creating more carbon footprints.

It donates the sample products to FatFace Foundation Charity to use them wisely and generate much-needed funds for charity partners.

FatFace has taken the pledge to become carbon neutral by 2025 by reducing 40% of its CO2 emission and offsetting the remaining by planting trees and funding other projects that are on a mission to reduce CO2 emissions globally.

FatFace Community

The FatFace Foundation was established in 2009 to improve the lives of individuals in the areas where FatFace originates, produces, and sells its goods.

It provides its employees with the chance to participate in charitable events and push themselves in the process. They frequently find methods for nearby communities, vendors, and clients to participate in such events as well.

Since 2009, it has donated approx 1 Million euros to local, national, and international charities to make this planet a better home for everyone.

FatFace Products


FatFace sources 100% of its cotton produced organically with the help of Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit organization that helps the cotton-producing farmers to reduce the impact of cotton on the environment and make their lives better.

FatFace is committed to making its 100% polyester products recyclable, 100% viscous, and linen to source organically.

100% of the leather from LWG (Leather Working Group) tanneries, whose goal is to advance the leather manufacturing sector by the developing of consensus on environmental goals, the adoption of best practices, and the provision of guidelines for ongoing development.

Additionally, they will enhance the information on care labels to assist consumers in extending the lifespan of products.

FatFace Commitment to Animal Welfare

FatFace is committed to protecting the welfare of animals used in factory farming to make the materials used in our products. You won’t find any fur, angora, mohair, down, or feathers in our products, and we’re working with partners to raise standards for wool manufacturing, according to FatFace.

Additionally, all cosmetics and toiletries bearing the FatFace trademark have been confirmed as not having been tested on animals.

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