A Professional Guide To Write An Abstract

Before getting into the details, let us discuss what an abstract is? 

An abstract is a summary of the content you’re writing, rather, it’s related to an article, book, or research paper, and it can be either informative or descriptive abstract. The word limit may vary, but the standard limit is 150 to 300 words.

Informative abstract:

The main objective while writing an abstract is to communicate all the relevant information about the topic to the reader.

Descriptive abstract:

Briefly describes all the arguments of your research.  

 The kind of abstract you will write solely depends on the nature of your dissertation. You need to know the specifications of your dissertation before writing an abstract. 

The purpose of writing an abstract could differ as per the requirement, you can write an abstract for a dissertation or a research paper, lab report, or academic assignment.

One purpose of writing an abstract is to save the reader’s time because the abstract summarizes your entire research and helps the reader understand the relevance.

Writing an abstract has its elegance that demands to be taken care of, and to master, the art of abstract writing Students must know about the following contents of an abstract

A well-written abstract must include the following aspect of the research.

  •     Aims & Objectives
  •     Method
  •     Results
  •     Conclusions

Let’s discuss one of the essentials of an abstract, the aims and objectives. 

Remember, in the first paragraph of your abstract always state the problem of your research, and how your research aims to address that problem. 

 If you are conducting research on the topic “Difference of rate of employment in graduate and undergraduate students” then in your abstract, you will discuss the rate of employment among graduate and undergraduate students and you would aim to find out the reasons that explain that difference.

Since you have had conducted the research already, your abstract must be in the past or present tense. 

Next are methods where you will discuss the approach you have used to justify your arguments or to find the solutions to your research problems 

 It is recommended to discuss the methods in less than five lines, make it as uncomplicated as you could. Make sure the tenses you used to explain the methodology of your research area are in the past form, only as you have applied those methods in your research, already

 After methods you will discuss results, in this section, you will discuss the response of your audience or what reasons you have found behind your problem statement. You may only discuss the main result that supports your conclusion the best. You should only discuss the key results or arguments of your research.

In the end, you will share the answers to your questions or solutions to your problems.

You will be concluding the research for your reader in a way that they get familiar with the purpose of your research. 

To write a quality abstract you may take inspiration from other authors’ work. Read abstracts available in other papers. These abstracts can deviate from your topic of study but remember the purpose of reading these abstracts is to learn and acknowledge all the edges of an abstract.

Your abstract must be clear and concise, take your choice of words into account and be as straightforward as you can. Make sure you follow proper formatting and do not provide citations in your abstract, as your abstract has to be original.

Now that you know, all you need to know about writing an abstract, but if you still have any concerns regarding this, there are always some Dissertation Writer UK available online who can help you out with it.

As a professor with years of experience checking dissertations, I believe I can offer quality dissertation help from the learning I have attained over the years.

A part of that learning, I shared in the content above about abstract and will surely keep spreading the knowledge I gathered over the years.

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