6 Times Varun Dhawan Proved His Love For T-Shirt Is Indispensable

Keeping up with your style using a t-shirt isn’t an easy task when you don’t understand the principles of fashion. Though t-shirts have a reputation of blending in any occasion, yet sometimes they backfire. But not for Varun Dhawan for the record. This dude is establishing  new standards in t-shirt fashions

With the t-shirt delivering on versatility,  Varun can be seen spotted creating some timeless editions with it. If you also want to chase some style ideas from Mr. Dhawan’s style diaries, get yourself glued with this article to capture some inspiration.

Here is how Varun Dhawan astonished us six times in a row with his skills in t-shirts that you must learn.

Varun’s Plain White T-shirt + Dark Fusion

Hands down to Varun’s mastery in styling with a simple tee! The Bollywood star wears a simple white t-shirt teamed up with jogger pants and a hat – both in a dark color – establishing a perfect balance in the outfit. If you think that a t-shirt can’t look fabulous for a day-out eve, just catch a glimpse of Varun’s exclusive t-shirt style, helping this dashing Bollywood hunk to look cool and awesome.

Jacket + T-shirts

This jacket and t-shirt fusion gets a certified tag by Varun, and it won’t be wrong to call it the best winter style for men. However, here Varun seems to play pretty well with darker shades. The dark blue dotted t-shirt with a jacket and casual jeans are helping Varun look cool and stylish. A winter cap, above all, is taking the style standard of one of the most popular Bollywood hunks to a whole new level.

Black T-shirt + Casual Jean

Simplicity is sometimes indispensable, and this black n blue casual outfit by Varun is making it obvious. For this dashing look, Varun selects a plain black t-shirt paired with blue jeans and black boots that are utterly looking awesome over the handsome man of Bollywood. The boots have been coordinated with a black tee, whereas the dark blue jean can be seen balancing off colors in Varun’s entire outfit.

Printed T-shirt + Denim Shorts

This printed t-shirt is a perfect inspiration for an ideal boyish style. If you have never been confident about loose and full sleeve t-shirt, get this style idea by Varun. The man chooses a printed white full sleeve loose t-shirt paired with denim shorts and colorful shoes, adding an attractive edge to the entire outfit.

Casual Printed T-shirt + Shorts

Casual shirts for men have always been at the heart and soul. And Varun, through his stylish black outfit, is proving it all. The man chooses black shorts for the bottom paired with a black logo t-shirt  – simple and elegant. Varun again focuses on the color coordination game for the footwear and uses red sport shoes matching with the print of the t-shirt.

Stylish Vest + Shorts

In addition to the t-shirt, Varun shares a strong bonding with shorts. The man can often be spotted wearing shorts with a vest that perfectly defines the body detailing of Bollywood’s famous hunk. Just like this coolest edgy outfit in which Varun chooses a printed vest paired with shorts. For the footwear, the man uses black shoes coordinated with the upper. Again, simplicity is the key highlight of this entire look that’s truly inspiring for young folks.

Printed Tee + Jacket

Once again, Varun rocked the culture of t-shirt with this statement piece. A green lemon jacket paired with a printed tee is the critical attribute of this look. Dark blue joggers and sneakers are further WOW-factor, adding grace in the entire outfit that Varun chooses for a day out plan. Varun even accessorized this simple yet stylish outfit with a hat and goggles that are equally looking perfect.

Final Words

That’s how your favorite Bollywood stars are dominating the fashion industry with their sophisticated and well-balanced styling principles. Varun’s love for a t-shirt is incomparable, but the man has always been an inspiration to the young generation, mainly for his styling. If you also want to look smart and excellent like Varun Dhawan, visit because whatever your Bollywood stars have in their wardrobe, the destination is equipped with all. So hurry! Buy your favourite outfit right away.

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