3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Website Performance

Everything in today’s digital world is connected to speed. It makes no difference whether you have the most complex and visually appealing website if it takes forever to load. There are a variety of reasons why your web pages may load slowly, but regardless of the causes, in this article you will know about three simple ways to improve your website’s performance and speed which will, in turn, provide better user experience.

Why is Website Performance Important? 

According to research, the amount of time a user will wait before losing focus ranges between 0.3 and 3 seconds. Users don’t have enough patience online to wait for the website to load. If it takes longer for your website to display important information, the user will lose interest and may close the browser window.

Websites that load faster have lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates, higher organic search rankings, and, of course, a better overall user experience. That means you need to be sure about your website speed and properly make a page speed optimization frequently to avoid facing difficulties in page load time and don’t lose new users.  

  • Choose the right hosting provider 

Hosting providers have a great impact on your webpage speed and optimization. So make sure that you choose the right hosting provider for your website. You should consider upgrading your hosting service plan, or if you use WordPress or other hosting service, consider using a managed service that is well-known for its speed, providing stable, and high-performance hosting. But if you don’t use several hosting providers you can’t decide which one is really fast, so test some providers, compare, and choose the optimal hosting provider for your website.

  • Perform a site audit

Before you make any changes to your website, first of all perform a proper site audit, so that you can determine the main issues that disrupt the speed of your website and can fix them in the right direction, with the right tools. You may choose inappropriate hosting providers, upload images that don’t fit and others. So if you want to avoid further issues, include frequent site audits in your marketing strategy, as it will show you all the current technical and other issues which are also connected to the website speed. Moreover, it will give an opportunity to find the reason for slowing down your website performance and build a pack of solutions for that. 

  • Optimize image sizes

Images and their sizes have a great significance on your web page performance and its loading speed. Optimizing your images on a website will make the page load easier without difficulties and enhance user experience. Avoid uploading high quality images with big sizes in your site, as they are affecting page loading speed and take down the performance. Images with big sizes take time to load so it will drive users away. When you optimize your website images, you can improve important parts of your site’s performance, such as loading speed and user experience.

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To sum up, in today’s digital world everyone is striving for the best performance and aims to be the fastest. So if you have a website and are worried about your website performance, these three easiest ways are definitely for you to start building a fast website and improve its performance in the shortest time.

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