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12 LinkedIn Strategies You Should Stop Using Right Now

LinkedIn is a useful social media platform that provides professionals with access to a huge network of potential buyers, collaborators, and talent.  LinkedIn not only allows you to sell your product or service, but it also allows you to establish yourself as a credible authority being close to other users on the webpage.

Selling on LinkedIn, however, is very different from selling on other social media webpages or through traditional means. Adopting an aggressive selling technique that works on other platforms will not work on the LinkedIn webpage. Closely have all means to tweak your sales strategies that can be beneficial for you in many ways, on this webpage you can find out more about actual strategies on LinkedIn.

Ineffective LinkedIn strategies

Unknowingly, people use some tactics that are unproductive in a variety of ways. We’ve put together a list of 12 LinkedIn strategies that may hinder your opportunity to get your dream job or achieve your other objectives.

1. Unprofessional profile picture

LinkedIn is not like other social media web pages. With that being said, the picture that can be best suited for other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram will not be appropriate for LinkedIn. Look closely at your profile and ask yourself if this is what you want other professionals to see, if not then go for a professional profile picture.

Use a good-quality professional headshot with only you in it.

2. Skipping header image

If you don’t use header images, you’re missing out on a chance to make your profile stand out. Looking closely at your LinkedIn profile, you will notice something is missing if you skip the header image. Make sure that you have included a header image on your LinkedIn profile.

3. Underestimating the recommendations

LinkedIn has an abundance of users endorsing their services or products in unique ways. You have to stand out among the crowd to get noticed. So it is significant that you get endorsements and recommendations from industry experts.

4. Sending impersonal messages

Whether you’re sending an invitation to connect or texting a prospect for the first time, try to personalize your messages.

It is because the industry leader might be receiving a lot of identical generic messages and it is a good opportunity for you to stand out and get noticed.

5. Not researching about the prospects

Learn about a potential buyer’s goals before communicating with them and personalize your message accordingly. Sending a message without first conducting research on the prospect is a social selling blunder you must avoid at all costs.

6. Messaging right away

When you’ve just made a new connection, If you generally send a message outlining your product or service right away, it’s time to change your strategy.

Keep your sales pitch disguised and work on building a relationship first.

7. Using contests to sell

Instagram contests and giveaways are popular selling strategies. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a different story. Using contests to tempt potential buyers isn’t going to work. Avoid squandering time and money on such tactics.

8. Using product-centric approach

A product-centric approach isn’t a good way to sell on the LinkedIn webpage. Adopt a customer-centric selling strategy instead. Instead of simply promoting your goods, strive to answer the difficulties that your potential customers are experiencing.

9. Grammatical errors and typing mistakes

When you’re trying to answer a lot of emails, messages, and connection requests, it is common to make spelling mistakes.

Messages or content with grammatical faults, on the other hand, will leave an unfavorable impression on your target audience. Make sure you proofread your messages completely before sending them.

10. Asking favors

When you connect with an industry leader, first make sure to build a relationship with them before asking for favors like endorsement or feedback on your content.

But why should they help you out? Focus on developing and maintaining a relationship before approaching them and asking for their opinion.

11. Sharing content to the wrong audience

Even if you’ve invested a lot of time and money into developing high-quality content, it’s pointless if you’re sharing it with the wrong people.

If you want your material to have the desired impact, make sure to spend researching time and money identifying the proper audience.

12. Lying

Making misleading statements like “We met at an event” or “We have a mutual friend” can harm your reputation. This is a guaranteed way to lose your prospect’s trust, and there’s no way to get it back. When it comes to building long-term connections, no one wants to be lied to, so don’t be dishonest.

CLOSELY is a sale automation tool that effectively optimizes your profile and helps in winning on LinkedIn. These are a few simple tweaks that will vastly increase your social selling abilities. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a professional network. So, it’s crucial to communicate with potential consumers appropriately. Hopefully, our recommendations will assist you in expanding your LinkedIn online presence.

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